Which order do you wear engagement, wedding and eternity rings?

What is the order of ring stacking when it comes to wedding, engagement and eternity rings? Soon-to-be brides are always eager to find out how to wear their wedding band along with their prized engagement ring! Or a new mother may wonder if she can add her first-baby eternity ring to her ring finger stack. Well, we have good news for you! The proper way to wear all these three sentimental rings together isn’t defined. There are many ways you can wear your most significant rings, here, we try to help answer the ring order question.

• In what order do you wear your wedding and engagement ring?
• What are eternity rings and how do you wear them?
• Wedding and engagement ring sets to the rescue
• Plan ahead for a good fit if you want to stack your rings

Traditional ring order customs

Traditionally western customs have both the engagement and wedding rings on the ring finger of the left hand, with the wedding band worn first (closest to the heart vein or the legendary vena amoris). However, it's done differently in other cultures, where the engagement ring is moved to the right hand after the wedding or the wedding ring is worn on the right-hand ring finger.

Modern stacking styles for wedding and engagement rings

We have also observed that preferences change with time. More recent trends show that people prioritise personal style or comfort over tradition when it comes to stacking significant rings like their wedding, engagement and eternity rings. In the end how you wear your rings depends on your preference, how well the rings fit together and how comfortable they are when worn together.

Engagement and wedding ring sets, fusion rings, and Toi et Moi rings

If you value comfort, we encourage you to plan ahead by buying engagement and wedding ring sets or lovely fusion rings that are designed to fit beautifully together as your relationship progresses from engagement to wedding. We love how these unique combination ring designs effortlessly introduce the ""marital bond"" metaphor in a super elegant fashion. You will find some spectacular diamond and gold fusion rings right here besides elegant alliance rings in our curated selection of engagement and wedding rings.

Eternity rings and how to add them to your prized ring stack

A ring with a row of diamonds all around the band is called an Eternity ring. Also known as infinity rings and diamond-line rings, this design represents the eternal nature of the love bond shared between lovers.

Eternity rings are given to commemorate special occasions or events like the first wedding anniversary, the birth of a child, or as a Valentine’s Day gift. In essence, every significant milestone in your relationship could deserve a sparkling eternity ring. Eternity rings can therefore be special additions to your beloved ring stack, over the years.

Eternity engagement rings

Sometimes eternity rings can be the engagement ring you are looking for. Not only are they exceptionally meaningful, but they sparkle with not one but several diamonds to capture her heart for the rest of her life!

Eternity ring styles

Eternity rings come in three styles – full eternity rings, half eternity rings and coloured gemstone eternity rings. Slim eternity-style rings are the world’s favourite stacking rings! We have so many of these in our selection of fine diamond and gemstone rings. We offer a gorgeous range of unique eternity engagement rings that include black diamond eternity rings for a bold statement engagement proposal, stunning eternity rings with lab-grown baguette diamonds set in 18 karats rose gold and many more beloved styles in gorgeous settings and colours.

How to wear wedding, engagement and special eternity rings together?

It’s your choice! Yes, it’s completely up to you. There is no right or wrong way to wear your rings. You wear them the way you want them. Each of these significant rings holds a different meaning and it is not unusual to wear all three together. However, we offer you two options: stacking them on the same finger or mix-and-match all three as fashions and your preferences change.

Order your ring stack by events
The engagement, wedding and eternity rings can be beautifully arranged in the order of events.

Order your ring stack by meaning
You could also wear an eternity ring in between wedding and engagement rings. In this meaningful arrangement, the symbol of ever-lasting love is centred and protected by the promise and commitment you made together.

Order your ring stack by comfort or fit
If you value comfort, you should consider the design of each ring; some engagement rings feature gemstones in low settings, so a wedding ring or eternity ring can’t be stacked with it unless they have a curved band. This could also be the case if you have wedding bands of a different shape.

3 Tips to plan ahead for comfortable ring stacking
1. You can talk to a jewellery designer and customise your wedding band to suit your engagement ring for a comfortable fit.
2. Alternatively, you could buy a wedding and engagement ring as a set. The advantage is that you get perfectly matched ring bands and sizes.
3. If an eternity ring will make up the trio in the future, just ensure that it is a perfect fit by buying one in the right finger size.

Find out how to measure for the correct ring size from our Ring size Guide.

Mix and match over time
Yes, sometimes we might want to swap out styles as fashions change. You don’t need to stick to one style with your special rings. Styling with the third or even a fourth eternity ring can be fun!

We encourage you to plan ahead for the most important rings you will wear and invest in unique designs that tell the story of your love. Every piece displayed here is selected exclusively keeping quality, uniqueness, and sustainability in mind. These rings are lovingly designed to outlast trends and become cherished heirlooms.