Valentine’s Day Limited Edition by Bergsøe

Limited Edition

Bergsoe Valentine's Day Collection

As a special treat The Jewellery Room and Bergsoe will exclusively launch a range of unique Valentine’s Day pieces handcrafted with love. These pieces are one of a kind, exceptional designs made of sustainable materials such as recycled gold, reused diamonds, candy coloured sapphires and other precious gemstones. 

As a Valentine’s Gift, you get the diamonds for free!

These Limited Edition Valentine’s items are being sold in the Valentine’s Day period and in this period you get an exclusive Valetine’s Day gift from Bergsoe and us. You get the diamonds for free! The Vintage old mine cut diamonds, which have been handcrafted into the one of a kind designs are for you. The price of the diamonds are not calculated into the price, - the Diamonds are a symbolic Valentine’s Day Gift from Bergsoe and us.

The Vintage diamonds are reused and delicately removed from an original Vintage brooch, and are quite essential in this collection. The whole mantra behind everything Josephine Bergsoe does is to reuse and recycle and bring old beautiful stories into new magical pieces of jewellery.

Follow the design process of the Valentine's Day Collection

Join us on Instagram @thejewelleryRM and here on the website to be the first to know when the Limited Edition Valentine’s Day collection is released. You can even take part in deciding which jewellery pieces should be designed. Follow along to see glimpses of the craftsmanship and how the jewellery from Bergsøe comes to life. On instagram you can even follow the design process. These are the first images of the Bergsoe Goldsmiths removing diamonds from a Vintage brooch to be reused in the jewellery. The candy coloured Sapphires, will aslo be included in the Limited Edition pieces. 

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Loved by the A-list

Josephine Bergsoe is all about uniqueness and true craftsmanship. Her jewellery organically grows from the precious gems, pearls and different cut diamonds she uses and we love how she focuses on individuality of the materials and the unique mix of high karat gold and blackened silver.

You are in an A-list company choosing a handcrafted design from Bergsoe Jewellery. The brand has a long list of celebrity and royal fans such as Halle Berry, Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons and Glenn Close to name just a few. You might also have seen Bergsoe's design sparkle on BBC's drama, The Night Manager as well as in several other Hollywood movies.

The creative founder,

Josephine Bergsøe

Bergsoe Jewellery was founded by jewellery designer and metalsmith, Josephine Bergsøe. Josephine Bergsøe is known for her cutting edge contemporary and exclusive jewellery design. She began her undistinguishable brand in her hometown Copenhagen, with a clear focus on the individuality of materials and a very detailed perfection.

What makes Josephine Bergsøe’s jewellery design unique is her approach to harnessing precious gemstones, diamonds and pearls, and the way she combines sustainable high karat golds with blackened silver and kaleidoscopic gemstones for an unconventional appeal. Yet, despite presenting very ornamented pieces, Bergsoe's jewellery design is affordable and most importantly, wearable. Josephine Bergsoe is in other words renowned for her unique aesthetic, which is the foundation of a distinctive brand with a textural design aesthetic.