Trendy Earrings To Get Now.

Nothing makes a woman stand out quite like an exquisite pair of trendy earrings. They are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe and are vital to complete the ravishing and stylish look of every girl. Some of the hottest trends of earrings this year are:


Hoops are a style of earrings that have swung in and out of fashion for many years. However, this year, they are getting a whole new shine. From trendy to classic, hoop earrings come in many different shapes and styles and are sure to make heads turn!
The classic hoop earrings are circular loops that are inserted in the piercing. One of its many attractions is surely its timeless beauty. A circle-shaped hoop  come in various sizes and diameters. What we love about hoops is the diversity different hoops offer. furthermore the styling possibilities are endless, that is if you have more than one piercing.
Styling you ear with more than one hoop is one of this seasons most favoured looks. Xl hoops medium and mini hoops in one ear will definitely turn heads. Since we absolutely love hoops we have selected quite an assortment to cover al different styles. Whether its trendy hoop earrings, classic diamond hoops og colourful funky hoops you should have a look at all these hoop earrings and get one for yourself!



Contemporary styles of hoop earrings include hoops bejewelled with diamonds or coloured gemstones hoops that twist to resemble ropes, intricately carved hoops, and hoops shaped into patterns and edges. Hoop earrings are great if you want to add polish to an old outfit.  A large pair of dangling hoops accentuates the neck and shoulders beautifully. They bring sex appeal and youthfulness to an otherwise conservative look. An eye-catching pair of hoops adds a fashion statement to your outfit. Hoops are also great with office outfits as they exude confidence and power. They help to make some bold changes to your office wardrobe.


A luxurious pair of sparkling diamond earrings can instantly lift your mood. They are a popular fashion accessory and have been around for thousands of years. Diamond earrings never go out of style, and every woman’s armoire should have a great pair of diamond earrings to put that extra pep in her step.

Diamond earrings come in various sizes, styles, shapes, and even in colors other than traditional white. A pair of diamond earrings or simple studs is an important part of a woman’s collection for everyday wear. Even the simplest pair of diamond earring has character. They can be worn anytime and anywhere as a bit of sparkle is never out of place. Check out this collection of diamond earrings!


Stud earrings are noted for their simplicity, but they are sometimes looked upon as boring. However, jewellery designers at The Jewellery Room have made them more comfortable and versatile without sacrificing beauty and interest. Don’t settle for basic – get an elegant and unique pair of designer stud earrings and add timeless beauty and elegance to your ensemble.



From small white diamond studs to large drop earring styles, a wide range of trendy earring designs are available at The Jewellery Room. Every pair is meticulously set and crafted by various well-renowned and skilled jewellery designers. Some are even sold as single pieces as the trend these days is to wear asymmetric earrings in the ears. This means that you can easily wear different diamond studs in one ear and a cool hoop or two in the other. The ear is supposed to be styled in your own personal way just like with any other accessory or outfit you wear.