Bullet Guld ArmbåndBullet Guld Armbånd

Ninna York Jewellery

Bullet Guld Armbånd

18.000 DKK
Bolt Diamond Guld Armbånd - 14kBolt Diamond Guld Armbånd - 14k

Ninna York Jewellery

Bolt Diamond Guld Armbånd - 14k

8.800 DKK
Nature Armring Guld, Hvide Diamanter

Ole Lynggaard

Nature Armring Guld, Hvide Diamanter

41.500 DKK
Fusion Armring Hvidguld, Hvide Diamanter 0.69 ctFusion Armring Hvidguld, Hvide Diamanter 0.69 ct
Fusion Armring Hvidguld, Hvide Diamanter 2.06 ctFusion Armring Hvidguld, Hvide Diamanter 2.06 ct
Cosmo Orion ArmbåndCosmo Orion Armbånd
New in


Cosmo Orion Armbånd

8.090 DKK
Golden Clouds Collection Armbånd HvidGolden Clouds Collection Armbånd Hvid

Vieri Fine Jewellery

Golden Clouds Collection Armbånd Hvid

13.390 DKK
Spiral Galaxy Armring Guld, Hvide DiamanterSpiral Galaxy Armring Guld, Hvide Diamanter
Torun Armring Guld, Hvide Diamanter 0.08 ctTorun Armring Guld, Hvide Diamanter 0.08 ct
Great gift
Torun Armring Rosaguld, Hvide Diamanter 0.08 ctTorun Armring Rosaguld, Hvide Diamanter 0.08 ct
Great gift
Kharisma diamant armring Guld, Hvid DiamantKharisma diamant armring Guld, Hvid Diamant

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Kharisma diamant armring Guld, Hvid Diamant

29.900 DKK
Future armring Guld, Hvide DiamanterFuture armring Guld, Hvide Diamanter

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Future armring Guld, Hvide Diamanter

19.900 DKK

Stars on the wrist!

Ever in vogue, the bangle is a style staple. Couple this ubiquitous piece of jewellery with the eternal sparkle of diamonds, and you have got yourself an accessory that elevates your style quotient in a blink. Diamond bangles are a worthwhile investment that adds luxury and joy every time you wear them. It can be a refreshing breath of motivation in the mornings, a pick-me-up sparkle for those busy days, and a fine emblem of the fire within. Easy to wear and highly versatile, diamond-studded bangles are much sought after by divas to spice up their personal styles. From simple cuties to truly fabulous patterns, colossal both in design and worth, diamond bangles hold a special place in every serious collector’s treasure box. Assuredly, there is one for every mood and time, finely crafted to suit the masterpiece that is you.

Diamonds, diamonds all the way!

Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of elegant luxury in a world that caters to all tastes. Combined with precious metals like gold and silver, these luxurious stones weave tales of fire and ice that could enchant endlessly. Not every diamond is brilliant white. Coloured diamonds are of lower quality but very attractive and pretty in designer settings. They come in pink, yellow, brown, and blue hues, to mention just a few! Although diamond quality may vary, our expert selection ensures that the piece you choose is of the best quality. Diamond bangles may feature a single stone or a cluster of them, set beautifully to suit all tastes. Be it a slender piece in warm gold or an extravagant treat in cool-toned precious metals, the use of diamonds adds glamour to the basic bangle form. Unlike the fluid bracelet, diamond bangles hold a rigid shape. Knowing your wrist size helps in choosing how snug or loose you want your bangle to be. Our Bangle & Bracelet Size Guide will help you with your size choice. Diamond bangles are very visible, and hence, perform as leading statements of personal style whenever worn. Exquisitely fashioned to reflect your inner fire and often designed for everyday use, diamond bangles at thejewelleryroom.com will continue to add delight and confidence down generations with just a dash of TLC, aka tender loving care.

Spoilt for choice...

The Jewellery Room opens up a mind-blowing selection of authentic diamond bangles just for you. In our world, you will be spoiled for choice. Crafted intricately by the most creative talents on the scene, the expertly curated collections at thejewelleryroom.com are resplendent with bespoke designs of the highest quality, in a range of styles to suit all pockets. Picking out the pieces that speak to your soul is easier than ever with our ever-growing range of fine jewellery. We feature curated designs from the titans such as Georg Jensen and Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen to fresh new ateliers, bringing to life incredible designs that are as precious as they are unique.

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