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This attractive piece is a sterling silver open bangle from the Feather Collection, plated with grey ruthenium in a silk matte finish. Available in two sizes, this bracelet is crafted by the Copenhagen-based jewellery brand, Line&Jo.

  • Sterling silver 925S bracelet
  • Covered with grey ruthenium
  • Silk matte finish
  • Colour: Silver
  • Available in two sizes of inner diameters: Size1: 55x38mm, size 2: 59x44mm

What's the story

This stylish bangle is designed and crafted by Line&Jo, the Copenhagen brand founded in 2007 by goldsmiths Line Hallberg and Jo Riis-Hansen. They have skillfully combined the Nordic aesthetic of minimalistic design with the ever-changing dynamics of fashion to offer the contemporary woman creations that are truly representative of the 21st century. Each distinctive piece of fine jewellery from Line&Jo aims at empowering the spirit of the modern woman to reach beyond the ordinary to define her own style. The Feather Bracelet is no exception with its silk matte surface and unique ruthenium coating.

What's great about it

Skillfully designed and crafted in 925S sterling silver, this bracelet from Line&Jo is shaped in the form of a stylised feather that curves elegantly around your wrist to form a cuff. The fine lines on the vane of the feather contrast beautifully with the soft patina on the central shaft. The look is complete with the distinctive grey ruthenium covering that imparts a silk matte finish to the piece. Typical of Line&Jo jewellery, this Feather Bracelet too rises beyond the usual with minimalistic lines that are sure to appeal to the woman who dresses with style and carries herself with confidence.

How to wear it

This avant-garde silver bracelet makes the perfect accessory for the trend-conscious, self-assured woman of today who likes her jewellery to be swanky, yet subtle and sophisticated. Sufficient by itself, the Feather Bracelet can be worn alone with a formal outfit such as a sleeveless dress in dark hues of black, navy, burgundy or green. You can also team it with smart casuals such as dress jeans and tops for a chic look, or add a posh touch to an informal outfit such as a strappy sundress on an afternoon out.

Why we love it

We love the Nordic minimalism and the edgy, contemporary finesse of Line&Jo jewellery. Each piece is unique and stands apart for its aesthetic design and expert goldsmithery. We recommend the Feather Bracelet from Line&Jo; it is a fine example of the brand’s vision to create jewellery for today’s woman who embraces asymmetric lines and unique contours.

★★★★★ Rated by our customers
Franzi, DE★★★★★ My third order at The Jewellery Room and as always - perfection in every way 😍 This is really the best way to find the most amazing jewelry designers, I always find wonderful pieces I would never find on any other site. And the service is just extraordinary, this team is everything!!! To many more purchases in the future!!! Thank you so much!!!
Mrs Margery Gannon, GB★★★★★ Absolutely fantastic company who I can't recommend enough. They went above and beyond to help. I ordered a ring which needed exchanging for a different size, I contacted them and they arranged for the ring to be picked up by courier free of charge from the U.K. back to Copenhagen and then sent me another size. They kept me informed all the way through, were very helpful, efficient and friendly! Brilliant!!!! 5 stars!!!!
Matthew Elliott, GB★★★★★ Absolutely amazing service, quality products with great prices, delivery is always prompt with precise tracking data. Will use this website/service with complete confidence. Thank you for the amazing Jewellery.
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