Line&JoMiss Eye Gold Diamond Sapphire Earstud

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The Miss Eye Gold Diamond Sapphire Earstud is mystically exotic and beautiful. It is handcrafted in 14 karat solid gold, and decorated with a total of 13 diamonds and 1 bright blue sapphire. It belongs to the Ray Of Eyes Collection from Line&Jo jewellers.

  • 14k solid gold earstud sold as a single
  • Top Wesselton-VS2 diamonds: 10x0.005ct., 3x0.01ct.
  • 1x0.02ct. bright blue sapphire
  • Earstud size: 9x13.5mm
  • Colours: Gold, white, blue

What's the story

"Line&Jo was founded in 2007 by two goldsmiths, Line Hallberg and Jo Riis-Hansen. Their jewellery designs are strong and bold, and sometimes draw inspiration from esoteric mystical symbols. The Miss Eye Earstud design is inspired by an ancient symbol, the “all seeing eye”. This symbol has been associated with power, providence, and protection. Below the eye is an inverted triangle, an emblem of femininity. It is attached to the eye by a narrow, highly polished gold stem. The look of the design masterfully displays mysticism and beauty while giving the sense of divine protection and the magic of the ancient symbol."

What's great about it

The beauty of this earring lies in the combination of the sparkling stones and 14 karat gold. The precious stones add twinkle and lightness to an otherwise sombre and arcane design, making it glitter and reflect light as you go about your day. The bright blue sapphire, set in the middle like a pupil of the eye, adds depth and colour. The total design looks fearless and feminine, embodying the dauntless spirit of modern, independent women.

How to wear it

The traditional blue, white, and gold colour combination will upgrade any boardroom outfit to a power suit. It will also look great at semi-formal events as well. The symbol that inspired this design is associated with the wearer's energy and protection, so do not be surprised when business deals suddenly go in your favour when you wear it. The earring is sold as a single, but there is no rule insisting that you cannot buy two and wear them as a powerful, matching pair.

Why we love it

The Miss Eye Gold Diamond Sapphire Earstud from Line&Jo designs is bold, unique, and timeless. The precious materials and the luxury of diamonds ensure the quality of the piece. It is beautiful, with the added edge of old symbolism that lends an extra layer of depth and meaning, transforming a classy piece of jewellery into a potent token of protection and mystical allure.

★★★★★ Rated by our customers
Franzi, DE★★★★★ My third order at The Jewellery Room and as always - perfection in every way 😍 This is really the best way to find the most amazing jewelry designers, I always find wonderful pieces I would never find on any other site. And the service is just extraordinary, this team is everything!!! To many more purchases in the future!!! Thank you so much!!!
Mrs Margery Gannon, GB★★★★★ Absolutely fantastic company who I can't recommend enough. They went above and beyond to help. I ordered a ring which needed exchanging for a different size, I contacted them and they arranged for the ring to be picked up by courier free of charge from the U.K. back to Copenhagen and then sent me another size. They kept me informed all the way through, were very helpful, efficient and friendly! Brilliant!!!! 5 stars!!!!
Matthew Elliott, GB★★★★★ Absolutely amazing service, quality products with great prices, delivery is always prompt with precise tracking data. Will use this website/service with complete confidence. Thank you for the amazing Jewellery.
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Wir hoffen, dass du bei uns ein lang erträumtes neues Lieblingsstück von einem oder einer der besten DesignerInnen der Welt findest.

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