Spectacular rutile quartz

Wonderful and rare, rutile or rutilated quartz is quartz with needle-like inclusions of the mineral rutile. Generally, gemstones are valued for their lack of inclusions, whereas the rutile quartz is especially prized for just that. Rutile is a form of titanium dioxide. It appears as marvellous strands of yellow, red and black in quartz, giving it an extraordinary and bewitching appeal.

Thanks to nature’s artistry, every piece of rutile quartz is unique. Rutile quartz is cherished as a rare and precious gemstone. It is valued by jewellers and buyers alike for its mesmerizing colourful veins that stand out, ensuring that every piece of jewellery featuring it is unlike any other.

Colours in rutile quartz

Rutile quartz is as beautiful as it is rare. The rutile veins appear as thin hair-like strands in the clear crystal background of quartz. They are usually found as a bunched-up stream of colour. Sometimes they put up quite a show with spellbinding scattered patterns. Some of the most cherished varieties of this spectacular gemstone are mentioned below.

Golden rutilated quartz: The most common colour of these rutile veins is a stunning golden yellow and this variety is called the golden rutilated quartz.

Pink rutile quartz: This one comes with strands in reddish-brown shades of copper.

Smoky rutile quartz: The rutile filaments in ebony tones make this variety quite delightful.

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Rutile quartz: Did you know?

Rutile quartz is a multitasker. Beautiful and enigmatic, it is popular as a rare and precious gemstone and is used widely in jewellery, especially in bespoke pieces. Ranking high on the Mohs hardness scale with a value of 7, it is highly durable and hence used widely in pendants, rings and as beads.

Rutile quartz combines the healing properties of quartz and the energy-enhancing powers of rutile; drawing out negative energy and speeding up recovery. Apparently, it is just the pick-me-up you need for those lacklustre days! It is an alternate birthstone for the month of April and is also recommended for the zodiac signs ruled by the sun such as Leo.

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