Charismatic kyanite

Bring together the magic of striking blue hues with a lustrous gemstone that is both beautiful and affordable, and you have the fascinating kyanite in your hands.

Mined in several countries, including the USA, Brazil, and large parts of Africa and Asia, the most authentic and premium quality kyanites come from Nepal and Tibet. Colour, clarity, cut, and lustre are the main factors that determine kyanite’s value. Typically cut into cabochons to accentuate its shine and colour, kyanite adds a sparkling lilt to jewellery. Stunning when set in white gold and silver, kyanites retain their glorious lustre and shape if handled gently and not exposed to any high impact. To preserve kyanite jewellery in all its splendour, keep it away from heat and chemicals.

Electrifying kyanite colours

An aluminium silicate mineral, kyanite gets its name from ‘kyanos’, a Greek word that translates as blue.

Vivid and bright, blue kyanites come in many shades and are the most sought-after amongst the myriad hues of this stone. Dark blue kyanites, which have luminous transparency and colour that stays even throughout the gemstone, are the most valued. Not surprisingly, this variety is the most popular choice in jewellery.

This gorgeous gemstone is also found in white, shades of green, light grey and grey. More rarer than these, you will also come across unusual kyanite hues of yellow, pink, orange, and black. The rarest of kyanites is the colourless form.

What you didn’t know about kyanite – but now you do!

Kyanite is renowned for its long list of spiritual properties that impart a sense of balance and confidence in the wearer. Revered as a cleansing crystal that pushes out fears and negative energy, it imbues a sense of calm and harmony in the mind and body. Blue kyanite, in particular, also helps in expressing oneself better and improving communication.

Kyanite is associated with calendar months according to colours: indigo for January-February represents spirituality, wisdom and truth; blue for February-March underlines patience, respect, and new beginnings, and green for April-May is related to healing, growth and achievements. Depending on its cut, the gemstone ranks from 4 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale and sets well in fine jewellery.

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