What you need to know about the gemstone Aquamarine

Named after the colour of the sea, aquamarine is a variety of gemstone beryl in hues of blue from light to dark tones. The gemstone is readily available mainly from mines in Brazil, Madagascar and the United States and is moderately priced. Unlike other gems, the value of aquamarines is determined by their colour tone—the darker the blue tone, the more valuable the gemstone is.

Jewellery with aquamarine is considered some of the most exclusive and sought after for its attractive colour, cuts, and polished elegance. A high-quality polish can give light aquamarines great brilliance. Even though it is an exclusive gemstone, it is perfect for everyday use because of its durability.

Colours of Aquamarine gemstone

Aquamarine hues range from blueish green, blue-green, greenish-blue to deep blue, and its tones can vary from very light to moderately dark. This beautiful gem receives its greenish-blue colouring from trace amounts of ferrous iron deposits.

What is the best and most exclusive Aquamarine colour?
The pure blue stones are the most exclusive because aquamarine prices depend on the depth and purity of colour and clarity and not carat weight. You’ll rarely see aquamarines darker than a Swiss blue topaz.

When you do, the colour is usually enhanced by the cut.
Aquamarines are sometimes subject to heat-treatment to enhance their colour and to remove the inherent green hues. Exclusive and environment-conscious jewellery collections showcased at thejewelleryroom.com use unheated aquamarine stones in beautiful and raw creations. You can choose your own here.

Three surprising facts about Aquamarine stones

The late Princess Diana often wore a sizable, gorgeous aquamarine ring, which has since changed ownership and is now regularly seen on the finger of Prince Harry's spouse, Meghan Markle. The world's largest known aquamarine to date, named the Hirsch Aquamarine, weighs 109.92 carats.

The beryl family, including aquamarines, are ideal as gemstones in jewellery and are some of the easiest gems to polish because it is relatively hard (hardness 7.5-8). The stone can be polished to exquisite brilliance using the diamond polish method.

The aquamarine is the birthstone for March and is said to bring the wearer protection for journeys, especially for seafarers. Indulge in the gorgeous aquamarine jewellery from the best designers at The jewellery Room

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