Collar ZendaCollar Zenda
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Nanna Folk

Collar Zenda
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Gänseblümchen-Ohrringe 11 mm. VergoldetGänseblümchen-Ohrringe 11 mm. Vergoldet
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Fiji Pearls HalsketteFiji Pearls Halskette
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Nanna Folk

Fiji Pearls Halskette
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Moonlight Grapes schlichte Ohrstecker SilberMoonlight Grapes schlichte Ohrstecker Silber
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Shasa Perlas HalsketteShasa Perlas Halskette
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Nanna Folk

Shasa Perlas Halskette
500 DKK
Gänseblümchen-Ohrringe 7 mm. VergoldetGänseblümchen-Ohrringe 7 mm. Vergoldet
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Mini Tropfen-Ohrringe in Weiß vergoldetMini Tropfen-Ohrringe in Weiß vergoldet
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Gänseblümchen-Ohrringe 7 mm. Silber
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Gänseblümchen Ring 18 mm, vergoldetGänseblümchen Ring 18 mm, vergoldet
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Gänseblümchen-Ohrringe 11 mm. SilberGänseblümchen-Ohrringe 11 mm. Silber
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Gänseblümchen Ring 11 mm, vergoldetGänseblümchen Ring 11 mm, vergoldet
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Gänseblümchen Anhänger Armband vergoldet
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Rock Classic Diamant Hoop S Gold, weiße DiamantenRock Classic Diamant Hoop S Gold, weiße Diamanten
Großer Mercy SilberringGroßer Mercy Silberring

Georg Jensen

Großer Mercy Silberring
1.750 DKK
Gänseblümchen-Armband 11 mm. Vergoldet
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Shasa KorallenketteShasa Korallenkette
Great gift

Nanna Folk

Shasa Korallenkette
500 DKK
Gänseblümchen Halskette mit Anhänger 7 mm, 60 cm. VergoldetGänseblümchen Halskette mit Anhänger 7 mm, 60 cm. Vergoldet
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Mini Tropfen-Ohrringe in Grün vergoldetMini Tropfen-Ohrringe in Grün vergoldet
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Tropfen-Ohrringe in Rosa und Rot vergoldetTropfen-Ohrringe in Rosa und Rot vergoldet
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This Christmas, wear and gift pretty jewellery! Christmas is the season to be jolly! It is also the season to spread good cheer lavishly through sweet Christmas wishes and the loveliest of Christmas gifts—jewellery! Yes, that’s right! Beautiful jewellery as a present indeed holds pure joy in beautiful gift wrapping! Now get your hands on the finest jewellery gifts this season from our exclusive collections.

• Jewellery gift options for Christmas
• Trending jewellery gifts for special relationships
• What should I buy for my loved ones?

When Christmas comes calling…

While Christmas is a season of joy, gift shopping may be an intimidating task for many. Christmas gift shopping need not be expensive, stressful or confusing. That’s why, we have made gift shopping a hassle-free experience for you. Explore our thoughtfully curated collections of designer jewellery to find the best Christmas jewellery gifts for your loved ones.

We hope this Christmas shopping guide will help you get started on your holiday shopping, stress-free.

Why gift jewellery this Christmas?

Fine jewellery is a gift that keeps on giving. It stays fresh and memorable, even beyond the holiday season, offering a lasting reminder of the joy of love and togetherness. That pretty necklace or that cute ring will oft bring to mind the precious giver of the gift and the beautiful shared bond every time they are worn. Plus, everyone enjoys a little sparkle in life and that’s why pretty designer jewellery makes beautiful gifts, especially on Christmas.

The options for jewellery gifts are vast and thoroughly spellbinding. Not only are jewellery gifts more intimate and personal, but unlike what you might think, jewellery gifts can be affordable too. Read on and we will help you choose from all types and styles to find Christmas jewellery that suits all tastes and even all budgets.

Gifting ideas for Christmas

Christmas wishes could easily be extra special this year with some incredible jewellery as gifts for the precious people in your life. Choose from a stunning array of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings to stuff those Christmas stockings with a whole world of style.

From dainty designs to breathtaking creations, there is an entire universe of beautiful jewellery, waiting to wow someone special. Come on over and browse our collections for some super stylish jewellery gifts that will be loved and appreciated for their beauty and the wonderful thoughtfulness behind them.

Christmas necklace gifts

Necklaces make very intimate Christmas presents for loved ones. Crafted from precious materials like gold, rose gold, white gold and silver, necklaces are available in a variety of styles to please every fashion-loving soul out there. Gold necklaces come in multiple purities of 22k, 18k and 14k, whereas sterling silver necklaces are hallmarked 925.

♥ The stylish diamond-studded line/bar necklaces and elegant pearl necklaces are sure to be treasured Christmas gifts. Elegant yet simple, chain necklaces, delicate gemstone necklaces, and lovely bead necklaces are absolutely adorable for all-season wear and will be excellent accompaniments to your Christmas wishes.
♥ Pendant necklaces are yet another forever style. You will find exquisitely made pendants in the shape of lovely seashells, lively palms and flowers, cute bees and butterflies, music notes and so much more. Affordable but high-quality zirconia necklace pendants make beautiful and vibrant holiday gifts.These are great for gifting, adding that dash of sparkle in everyday styling, especially when frosted with glittering diamonds and other gemstones. A number or an alphabet pendant styled in organic shapes, featuring natural gemstones are fantastic options for personalised Christmas gifts to celebrate intimate bonds.

Christmas earring gifts

Designer earrings are not only absolute stunners, but also one of the most popular items of jewellery suitable for gifts. Earrings are offered in beautiful styles, are affordable and can fit every possible occasion.

♥ Simple studs in solid gold or sterling silver bring Christmas cheer
♥ The colourful gemstone-studded beauties among studs and danglers are perfect for festive events. We encourage self gifting too!
♥ Hoops and huggies are popular across the globe and every fashionista would love to be gifted a new pair at any time, and why not for Christmas?
♥ Stylish to the core, the contemporary threader earrings and beautifully crafted ear cuffs offer a unique aesthetic, and can be bought as singles or stylishly coordinated sets.

Find the right earring size before you buy your gift.

Bracelets and bangles as Christmas gifts

Stunning bracelets and bangles are an easy way to dress up any outfit, you can never go wrong with a bracelet gift. Choose your gift depending on your recipient’s aesthetic creed. You can find traditional designs like tennis bracelets as well as uber-chic modern styles in gold and silver, with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires or the affordable zirconia unmatched in style yet uncompromising in quality, adding glitter and glamour.

Our bangle and bracelet sizing guides will help you choose the correct size for your gifts.

Ring gifts for Christmas

The perfect gifting choice for someone special, rings are relatively small in size but huge in impact. They are available in delightful designs ranging from bare, minimalist types to flamboyant creations breathing artistic fire. And how about a colourful stack of gemstone studded slim eternity bands for her?

When buying a ring as a Christmas gift, do remember to get the ring size right for a proper and comfortable fit.

Anklet gifts for Christmas

Pretty anklets are treasured by fashionable women for that spicy and exotic aesthetic they express and make great Christmas presents for your girlfriends or daughters.

Choose from chunky chain styles for a bold look. Colourful beaded anklets are especially ideal for the fun-loving trendsetter. Fusion pieces with gold and pearls are total stunners in their unusual charisma.

Gift a designer brooch for Christmas

Regal and elegant, brooches make fine Christmas gifts for those who aren’t keen on wearing their jewellery on their necks, ears and arms. Beautifully crafted from gold and sterling silver, contemporary brooches exhibit a perfect fusion of old-world charm and futuristic glamour. Nothing like a beautifully handcrafted designer brooch as a Christmas gift for your mother or stylish girlfriend.

Engraved jewellery Christmas gifts

Engraving your jewellery gifts is a beautiful way to add an intimate message to the recipient in a most charming way. Many designers have special collections of engravable jewellery including pendants, bracelets and rings that make meaningful gifts, whose value and appeal stay fresh forever.

Affordable gold-plated jewellery Christmas gifts

Premium gold-plated jewellery makes for affordable luxury Christmas gifts. Good quality gold-plated jewellery will have a base of sterling silver with a thick coating of real gold. Such jewellery is quite indistinguishable from solid gold and is quite as jaw-droppingly stunning as the real thing. With a little bit of care in terms of usage and storage, these could last years. Grab affordable yet gorgeous necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets for gifts that your loved ones will cherish for a very long time.

Christmas gifts for your special people

Christmas is a time to celebrate not just the season, but also the wonderful people who make your existence beautiful. And gifts of jewellery will do all the talking for you, showing them how much you love, value and honour them. Here’s a short Christmas gift guide to the best gifts for the remarkable women in your life.

Christmas gifts for her

Wow your special girl with some luxurious bling this holiday season. Choose a pretty necklace with earrings and bracelets to match for a complete charm package. Birthstone jewellery like a gemstone-studded pendant or bracelet makes eloquent gifts. For an extra-strong dose of romance, consider engravable jewellery. Add a personal message, symbol, initials or date as an engraving on your chosen piece to make a unique heartfelt statement. If you find it hard to make a choice, know that you can’t go wrong with a pair of earrings as long as she has piercings for them!

Christmas gifts for mom

Mothers are super-special and nothing is quite enough to tell them how loved they are. Jewellery comes close! Gift her a lovely pearl bracelet for that classic vibe of luxury, or a stunning pair of diamond earrings or a delightful gemstone bead necklace for year-long styling. Or get her all of these and more! If your mama likes a dash of vintage fashion, a fine brooch might just be the right gift for her this Christmas.

Christmas gifts for sisters and besties

When it comes to beloved sisters and darling besties, it calls for a whole new level of gifts. Because they are your staunchest supporters and even partners-in-crime every single time you need them. Celebrate these wonderful women with stunning zodiac necklaces or birthstone jewellery in beautiful hues of gold and sterling silver. You could also get matching jewellery like similar anklets or rings to seal that sweet bond you share in the most precious way possible.

Christmas gifts for colleagues

We all have that workmate who is delightful, helpful and inspirational. A gift of jewellery is always an excellent choice to appreciate that lovely person who makes work fun. Gift her a pair of pretty studs or a delicate bracelet that she would love to flaunt with her formal wear.

Each item of jewellery in our inventory exudes the beauty of fine aesthetics coupled with flawless craftsmanship. These gorgeous creations are sure to make delightful gifts that speak the thoughts of your heart without words.

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