Jewellery Talk with Akva Jewellery

Cecilie, Olivia and Tascha, the three women and good friends behind AKVA Jewellery graduated from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology with an academy profession degree in Jewellery, Technology and Business. 

Each of the three women have a different heritage and story to tell. Their passion and story is united when they come together as a design team which is the foundation of AKVA Jewellery.  

We met with the three passionate women behind Akva Jewellery to talk about sustainability and their inspiration - Life Below Water.  

  1. Why did you start your own label

AKVA started as a school project at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology in 2018 and was established on the basis of the UN's 14th Sustainable Development Goal; Life below water, where the love and respect for the Ocean gathered us as a design team – and now as a company.

For us the ocean is life-affirming, rebellious and uplifting. It is meditative, calming and dream awakening. The ocean is the energy source of life. We feel this in the community between us when we design and create jewellery. This is the energy we want to capture in our jewellery so our customers can bring it with them wherever they go.

We are all entrepreneurs at heart. Everyday we work hard to establish AKVA as our vocation so that we are able to live doing what we love - creating jewellery that captures the feel of the ocean.

  1. Tell us a bit about Akva Jewellery

The DNA of AKVA Jewellery occurs in the dynamic between the three of us. The energy between us is put into the jewellery we create - a female energy that is comparable to the wild and free energy by the ocean. The dynamics within us as women and between us as a design team is in constant development.

We wish for the wearer of AKVA jewellery to be able to sense the ocean through our jewellery. The pieces we make have become our interpretation of the many stages of the ocean - wild, in a constant movement, self-confident, brave, deep, meditative and calming; stages that we as humans also go through. We create jewellery that will last if taken good care of -  just like the ocean.

The strength of AKVA Jewellery is our unity as designers and as women in symbioses with the ocean.

  1. How is your brand different from others

With the ocean as our infinite inspiration source we create long-lasting, high-quality jewellery in recycled precious materials. AKVA is a way of life, a conscious lifestyle. We wish to be co-creators of a culture which takes care of its surroundings by being conscious when we buy new things. Therefore we are 100% aware of every decision regarding our production - from the jewellery itself, to the people in touch with our jewellery throughout our production chain, to the packaging around the jewellery. None of the decisions have been made without consideration. 

  1. Who would you love to wear your jewellery

Real women with the courage to make a change. The ideal AKVA Jewellery woman is strong, outgoing and social. She is a conscious consumer who will make the sustainable choice if possible. She cares about her appearance and she wants to stand out in a city where many look alike. She is culturally engaged and inspiring to others. Her heart beats for nature and she finds new energy when spending time in the woods, by the ocean or with her friends and family. This is where she thrives.

  1. What is your must-have piece

We each have our favorite-piece and go-to from our brand:

Cecilie: My favorites are the Puka Combi Earrings. They do it for me on a grey Monday but also on a fun Friday. The good thing is that I can put them on before work Friday morning and leave them in for the Friday night out to come. To me they are feminine and powerful because of their curves and their chunkiness.

Olivia: From our Signature collection my must-have piece is our Lactuca bangle. I absolutely love bangles and bracelets because to me they finish my outfit and compliment my rings. From our Consilium collection I find the Spuma ring is amazing because of its simple yet somehow liquid expression.

Tascha: If I have to choose only one, our Palea Hanger II from the Consilium collection is my absolute must have piece of jewellery. I love how the mix of textures comes together in this intriguing design.  

  1. What do you dream about

We dream about a culture where everything you buy is bought with the purpose to love and have for many years to come and hopefully pass on to your children. Our goal is to make jewellery that will forever look interesting and awaken curiosity in our customers. We want to be the preferred jewellery brand not only because our customers love our creative outcome but also because they will live by the message behind.

  1. What would you do if you won a million dollars

Invest in research and devices to help clean the ocean from plastic pollution. Grow our business and keep making powerful jewellery to support the planet.