Stunning and beautiful combination of diamonds and rubies!

Why Diamonds and Rubies are a match

Diamonds on their own certainly look fabulous as do all sorts and types of colored gemstones; however, combining the two results in an even more festive, elegant, and sophisticated look. It is for this reason that gems, especially rubies, are often paired with diamonds in various jewelry settings.

Many designers believe that the regal ruby is one of the ideal stones to set into a diamond and gemstone ring. Diamond ruby rings not only offer the perfect, sophisticated balance between richness and brilliance, but they also provide an exquisite contrast between the majestic red rubies and the clear, crisp diamonds which is the reason behind their popularity.

Ruby The birth stone of July

The elegant diamond ruby rings are also particularly popular with people celebrating their birthdays in July because rubies are known as the birthstone for that month. The Jewellery Room offers an assortment of beautiful diamond ruby rings in a variety of precious metals, styles, and designs.

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