IX StudiosIX Hexagon Green Marble Signet Ring Gold Plated

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Unisex, hexagonal sign with green marble stone. You can carry the ring alone or combined with Frederik IX other rings. All Frederik IX natural stone is cut out of the finest marble, giving all stone a different look so your ring will be unique. Green Marble represents the colors from nature and the colors of life. It gives you renewal, harmony and balance. Green is one of the colors often associated with spring, symbolizing new beginnings, as well as a fresh start. You can engrave your Signet ring with a personal message or a motive telling your story to make the ring completely unique, like Signet rings once were used. The ring is manufactured in 925 sterling silver and 22 carat gold coating. The ring is available in Frederik IX standard sizes for men and women. If you have any doubts about your ring size, we refer to Frederik IX Size Guide. We recommend that you read Frederik IX maintenance guide when booking.

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