Relax in the serenity of turquoise

Reminiscent of the glint of blue-green seas on a sunny day, a turquoise embraces all its rich shades. Often referred to as “feroza” in eastern cultures, this opaque gemstone adds a burst of colour when worn as a piece of jewellery. The earliest use of turquoise jewellery was by the Ancient Egyptians. Many centuries later, it was brought into Europe from Persia via Turkey. Turquoise is now mainly mined in Iran, China, Australia, Chile, Mexico and certain parts of the USA.

One of the more affordable gemstones, turquoise does not scratch easily. Premium quality turquoise has a hardness of just below 6 on the Mohs’ hardness scale. Cabochons, or dome-shaped cuts, are graded highly, while polished beads are lower graded turquoise. Lander Blue Spiderweb Turquoise, the hardest and highest grade turquoise, is this gemstone’s rarest and most valuable variety.

A riot of blues and greens

The beauty of an opaque turquoise rests in its unique shades. Ranging from bluish-grey to blue, cyan to bluish-green, and even yellow-green and grey-green, it is available in variations of light, bright, dark and deep shades of blue and green.

Turquoise is formed when water flows over a long period through rocks enriched with copper and aluminium. The percentage of these minerals in the rock determines its colour. With the presence of iron, it attains a greenish hue.

Gauged by the richness of colour, a sky blue turquoise, often referred to as robin egg blue or Persian blue, is considered the highest in value, while the presence of a green shade diminishes its worth. The more even and intense the blue hue, the more valuable the turquoise becomes.

Turquoise fun facts

Hollywood celebrities Cameron Diaz, Naomi Watts, and Taylor Swift are often seen gracing the red carpet in chunky turquoise necklaces, stylishly layered multiple strings, flashy earrings, and magnificent turquoise rings and bracelets.

Traditionally, turquoise is recognised as a December birthstone for the Sagittarius zodiac sign and symbolises wisdom, tranquillity and empathy. Jewellery made in this beautiful gemstone also makes an excellent gift for 11th wedding anniversary occasions. Considered sacred and worn as an amulet in some cultures, it is renowned for its healing powers and for providing protection and prosperity.

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