Bright and piercing tiger’s eye

Truly fascinating in its appearance, the tiger’s-eye (also known as ‘tigers eye’ and ‘tiger eye’) has been around for a long long time. Ever popular even in the age of the Roman empire and before, this opaque gemstone has been widely used in jewellery and other ornamental items.

The tiger’s eye is a chatoyant stone—meaning that light is reflected as a beautiful luminescent strip that is reminiscent of a cat’s eye. This gemstone is mainly sourced from Australia, Namibia, China and India. The arresting visual impact of the tiger’s eye lends it an endlessly bewitching quality. It is no wonder why modern jewellery designers celebrate this arresting and affordable gemstone, with a lovely silky lustre, through delightful pendants, rings, necklaces and bead bracelets.

Tiger’s eye colours

Part of the quartz family of minerals, the tiger’s eye is naturally found in shades ranging from golden yellow to reddish browns. Tiger’s-eye also appears in deeper shades of rust red. The distinctive colour is derived from the presence of iron oxide.

The finest tiger’s eye stones display clear and distinct striations along with strong chatoyant quality as a result of the fibrous mineral composition. The presence of dark bands against the deep yellow backdrop adds a prominent earthy vibe to this gem. Although the natural colours of the tiger’s eye are predominantly deep yellow and red-brown, this gemstone can be dyed to get some interesting hues like greens and blues.

The most popular cut for the tiger’s eye is cabochon that flaunts the innate chatoyancy to glorious effect. The stone looks mesmerizing in rings and pendants. They are also much loved as smooth and lustrous beads crafted into bracelets and necklaces.

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Did you know?

Tiger’s eye is believed to offer protection to its wearer from negative energy. It has been widely used in talismans and other protective icons for millennia.

The spiritual birthstone for the zodiac sign of Gemini, the tiger’s eye brings luck and the focus required for efficient problem-solving. It is also said to aid in the healing of psychosomatic illnesses and to balance mood swings. Affordable and durable, this gemstone scores high on the Mohs hardness scale with a value of 7, making it quite resistant to wear and tear.

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