Snazzy, sassy serpentine

Gorgeously green and exquisitely patterned, the serpentine gemstone has been around since the days of ancient civilisations. Widely used to create precious jewellery, jaw-dropping sculptures, and other valuable items, this beautifully patterned stone carries a deep mysterious appeal in its green depths.

Serpentine is composed of hydrated magnesium silicate and receives its name from its characteristic patterns that resemble the scales of snakes. It is soft and easy to carve, a delight for artisans working on it. Often shaped into stunning cabochons and pretty beads, this gemstone has a beautiful pearly shine.

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Serpentine hues

Serpentines are often found in the prettiest shades of green. But the presence of trace elements such as nickel, chromium, manganese, and cobalt gives the gem a bunch of different colours like brown, yellow and white, in addition to green.

Green serpentine enthrals in striking patterns and ranges from the palest mint to the loveliest, translucent, deeper hues.

Brown serpentine comes in reddish earthy shades with the distinctive patterns of this gemstone variety.

Yellow serpentine stones showcase vivid yellows with pretty white patterns.

The patterns on serpentine vary from banded layers to random scaly forms and speckled designs. They appear in dark and light shades depending on mineral composition. Serpentine is a beautiful gemstone, each piece with its unique appeal that makes it visually stunning in jewellery.

Did you know?

Serpentine is considered to be loaded with metaphysical attributes. It is regarded as a healing stone that cleanses the mind. The gem is also said to assist clairvoyance and superior spiritual clarity. The mesmerising serpentine is also a lucky stone for the zodiac signs of Libra, Pisces, and Gemini.

Serpentine ranks relatively low on the Mohs hardness scale with values between 2 and 4. This gem is quite soft and not scratch-resistant. It is best for low-impact jewellery and pieces reserved for special occasions. With a little bit of care and appropriate storage, your serpentine jewellery will last long and dazzle generations.

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