Copenhagen Fashion Week  - August 2024


Revival of The Jewellery Room Exhibition - We've heard your calls, and we're delighted to announce the return of The Jewellery Room Exhibition this summer! As Copenhagen Fashion Week dazzles the world, we're bringing back our iconic physical event, where the magic of jewellery design takes center stage once more. This isn't just any exhibition; it's a celebration of creativity, a symphony of style and sophistication.


This is a opportunity to bring your brand and stories to life in Copenhagen, in front of the eyes of fashion insiders, media mavens, trendsetters and jewellery lovers. A chance for your jewellery to shine like never before. This is NOT a fair! But join us and step into the spotlight and meet industry insiders and jewellery lovers. Secure your place amongst the stars of the jewellery scene.

What is The Jewellery Room Exhibition

The Jewellery Room exhibition during Copenhagen Fashion Week (CPHFW) is an exquisite showcase where cutting-edge designers and brands present their latest creations in the realm of jewelry. This event offers a captivating blend of innovation, craftsmanship, and style, attracting both industry insiders and fashion enthusiasts alike. With its curated selection of avant-garde pieces and timeless classics, the Jewellery Room serves as a premier platform for celebrating the artistry and diversity of contemporary jewelry design.

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“Our platform was founded with the vision to empower independent jewellery designers, through tech. - now we are excited to combine the strength of tech with the experience of physical presence”

The Jewellery Room show is back with a bang at Copenhagen Fashion Week August 2024, and YOU are invited to be a part of the excitement. Let’s make jewellery shine during this recognised fashion event.

With Love, Pernille & Charlotte

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Exhibition History

Perhaps you've heard of the splendid events and exhibitions hosted by The Jewellery Room over the years. Take a moment to reminisce about them, or immerse yourself in the excitement as we eagerly anticipate "The Jewellery Room Exhibition" Revival.

♥ Copenhagen Fashion Week 2013

♥ Copenhagen Fashion Week 2014

♥ Copenhagen Fashion Week 2015

♥ Copenhagen Fashion Week 2016

♥ Copenhagen Fashion Week 2017

♥ London Fashion Week 2017

♥ Copenhagen Fashion Week 2018, February

♥ Copenhagen Fashion Week 2018, August

♥ Copenhagen Fashion Week 2019

♥ Copenhagen Fashion Week 2020

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2020

A hybrid of a virtual and physical show. Due to Covid-19 restrictions the physical event was scaled down. However the digital event was booming with productlaunches and live talks with e.g. Charlotte & Søren Lynggaard and Adorn Insights. Important subjects such as sustainability in the jewellery industry was on the agenda, as well as behind the scenes and exclusive interviews were launched - all hosted in the stunning surroundings of Villa Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2019

The Jewellery Room August 2019 went live in a beautiful church in the heart of Copenhagen representing the most coveted jewellery brands.

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2018, August

The Jewellery Room August 2018 was a a sparkling day full of wonderful people, new designers and fashionable guests. This film shows a glimpse of the consumer event, which was held just after the press event for a very exclusive and selected group of guests. Thanks to our lovely partners: Mercedes Benz, Jyske Bank Private banking, Lillet, Matrikel 1

This season’s Jewellery Room was en exclusive get-together of the most coveted jewellery brands just now. Fashionable guests, press and buyers we’re here to shine and sparkle It was held in beautiful surroundings at the new creators hub Matrikel1 in the heart of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2018, February

A beautiful portfolio of Scandi Cool jewellery brands was showcased at the exhibition which was held in the beautiful Bruun Rasmussen Auction house where jewellery and art was united. A-list Press & Buyers was invited to meet the brands and view their newest collections and the day was packed with beautiful guests. For the first time The Jewellery Room hosted an additional event for consumers who were invited to SHOP the new collections in collaboration with danish magazine Costume.

London Fashion Week, 2017

The Jewellery Room London gathers and innovative mix of upcoming and established jewellery brands. The exhibition is the new and innovative jewellery space during LDN Fashion Week and has managed to position jewellery within the fashion scene and given this category a platform of its own. THE JEWELLERY ROOM exhibition London premiered in September 2017 and showcased 25 individual designers from Scandinavia, Germany, UK and France.The Jewellery Room London The embankment Galleries.

Copenhagen Fashion Week, 2017

Copenhagen Fashion Week, 2016

Where: The Jewellery Room CPH 2016. Launched in a beautiful old Church in the heart of Copenhagen. The opening speach was by Fine Jewellery Buyer Net-A-Porter, Sophie Louise Quy and Partner Adorn Insight, Maya Adams. Both industry professionals welcomed Jewellery into the Fashion scene and showed their support to our mission.

Copenhagen Fashion Week, 2015

The Jewellery Room | January 30th showed upcoming as well as veteran Scandinavia jewellery labels HRH The Crown Princess visited the Jewellery Room, where she greeted all the designers who had worked hard to show their finest jewellery designs. The day was packed with A-list danish & international journalists who enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere and the luxourious Jewellery Room sourroundings.

Copenhagen Fashion Week, 2013 & 2014

The Jewellery Room premiered in August 2013, where 20 jewellery brands were gathered in aestethic surroundings.

Buoyed by a rich history and fashionable designs, The two Sisters Pernille & Charlotte Møbjerg experienced that Scandinavian jewellery brands are expanding across Scandinavia and beyond.

The aim with The Jewellery Room was originally to present a healthy mix of danish jewellery brands and to bridge jewellery with fashion. The motivation behind the platform is that jewellery have come to play an important, and independent, role on the fashion scene and therefor jewellery deserves its own platform during the fashion weeks.

In 2014, The Jewellery Room joined Copenhagen Fashion Week once again, on August 7th. The event presented a competitive range of the hottest Scandinavian Jewellery brands. The brands being Shamballa Jewels, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, Georg Jensen, Lulu Badulla, Pandora, Orit Elhanati, Marlene Juhl Jørgensen, Sif Jakobs Jewellery, Carré Jewellery, Maria Black Jewellery, Ebba Brahe Jewellery, Vibe Harsløf, Katrine Kristensen, Dyrberg/Kern, Nanna Schou, Sophie by Sophie, Vera Vega, Kinraden, Zabel Jewellery, Katrine Kristensen & Annilu

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