OUVERTURETiny Diamond Stud 0.02 in 14K Gold - Single

730 DKK


The Tiny Diamond Stud in 14 karat gold from Ouverture is minimalist and luxurious at the same time. Ideal as a second or third stud, this simple ear stud sparkles with a 0.02 carat white diamond in a four-prong setting and was designed in Berlin and handcrafted in Armenia.

  • 14k yellow gold ear stud, sold as a single
  • 1x0.02ct. (1.75mm) G-H, VVS white diamond
  • Colour: Gold, white

What's great about it

Inspired by the rich jewellery making traditions of her birthplace Armenia, Kris Ter-Ghazaryan started Ouverture. Her unique blend of modern and traditional designs are designed in Berlin and ethically handcrafted in an Armenian workshop. This heritage-brand offers charming earrings and rings to suit youthful tastes and every piece is a joyful statement of exclusivity wrought in 14 karat gold and precious gemstones.

Why we love it

At The Jewellery Room, we are impressed by Kris Ter-Ghazaryan’s Ouverture, a brand that takes pride in its ethically handcrafted jewellery, designed for the modern woman who is young at heart and wants to compliment her personal style. To own fine jewellery by Ouverture is to own a piece that is youthful, timeless, and elegant.

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