Sigrun - Conscious Jewellery

Small Earstuds

Small everyday earrings with hand-sculpted structure. Made from 24 karat goldplated reclaimed silver.


It is all about sustainability and these jewellery pieces are all made with admiration for nature's beauty, with respect for the environment and for the people involved in the process. Every piece is handmade in Copenhagen giving an admirable hand-structed surface that provides you with a unique yet understated look.

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Delivery: 5-7 days
About the Designer

"For as long as I can remember, I've been creating jewellery.”

Sigrun spent most of her childhood in her Grandfather's blacksmith workshop, making jewellery out of iron and seashells.

Sustainability has been of the outmost importance to her from the beginning and the hand-sculpted jewellery is mostly cast in reclaimed silver or gold. 

Sigrun lives and works in the forest, and inspired by nature's structures she makes conscious, contemporary and timeless pieces of jewellery.