Polar Jewelry

Sakura Earcrawler

Gold plated 925s Sakura Earcrawler Earring with red bamboo coral




The Sakura Earcrawler features the cherry blossom flower – wearing these it will always feel like the first day of spring. The flower is an expression of life, death and renewal and Japan’s national flower as a result.

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Delivery: 3-5 days
About the Designer

Polar Jewelry is rooted in a love for art, design and experimentation.
The two ladies behind the brand, Anne Sofie Fenneberg & Louise Kaiser both have a creative background which is evident in the brand aestetich and the clear brand direction.
The brand ethos is to instill a little bit of unconventionality, elegance and wonder into every collection they make. Each collection of Polar Jewelry has it's own unique story; " Each piece is a chapter designed to take you on a journey."