Rosegold Boo with Flash stud

Earring in 18 karat rosegold with diamonds


The ghost Boo in a dangling chain is just the piece you need to add edge to any look. Let Boo swing and dangle and you will see the 2 sparkling diamonds on each side of the Boo. With Flash studs.

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Delivery: 2-10 days
About the Designer


"Everybody has a right to shine” is the main philosophy behind the fine jewellery brand 'Josina'. Josina Bergsøe, founder and designer creates jewelry with clean lines & technical precision.
The pieces are minimalistic yet timeless, - luxurious and yet playful. Josina makes unexpected details like pendants, that can be worn as both ring and bracelet. "I want women & men to wear my jewellery every day forever” explains Josina.