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MISS ECHERRY EAR STUD gold diamond pink coral

Ear stud of silk matte 14 karat solid gold. Set with 1 x 0.02 ct brilliant cut diamond Top Wesselton VS2 + Mediterranean pink coral.


Tempting cherries of pink and red Mediterranean corals. And elegant rainbows of multicoloured sapphires. TUTTI FRUTTI COLLECTION is colourful and sparkly designs with an elegant finish. ABOUT OUR CORALS
We only use Mediterranean red coral – also known as ’the red gold’. The coral is collected from great depths of the sea surrounding the coasts of Italy. The coral is fully legal and highly regulated by the regional authorities.

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About the Designer

With audacious yet timeless fine jewellery the brand LINE&JO advances the 20th century’s liberation of the modern woman through fashion and style. LINE&JO revolutionizes the female contour with asymmetric looks, several earrings in one ear and bold reinterpretations of precious pearls, diamonds and sapphires.
From the very founding of LINE&JO in 2007 the brand has been the powerful pioneer who successfully broke free from the restrictions of traditional goldsmithery and the conception of fine jewellery as solely classical pearl necklaces and symmetric pairs of earrings.
By daringly insisting on creating distinctive designs with a truly contemporary radiance LINE&JO liberates the individual woman. The brand entrusts every woman with the power to compose her very own look. And thus LINE&JO provides fine jewellery with its true purpose: To evoke and accentuate the elegance, strength and magnetism of every woman. This is alluring fine jewellery for audacious women.