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Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

Magic Circus bracelet

Bracelet Magic Circus, 18 Karat yellow gold, anchor chain 30/40 with mix of stones in turquoise, London blue topaz, red coral and rose coral 2 stars, 12 diamonds totally 0.10ct TW.VS (16-19 cm) carabine

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About the Designer

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is a family-run Danish jewellery brand deeply rooted in a passion for unique design. The brands luxurious jewellery designs appeal to all kinds of women; sophisticated, feminine or modern. Ole Lynggard Copenhagen designs handcrafted jewellery that can be passed on from generation to generation. 80-year-old Ole Lynggard is the founder of the company while his daughter Charlotte Lynggaard is also a well known and respected designer of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and she has created several of the brand's popular collections.