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Polar Jewelry

Koyosegi Necklace

Rhodium plated 925s Koyosegi Necklace set with white zircons.


The Koyosegi Necklace is inspired by the traditional Japanese puzzle box that is sometimes called the ‘secret box’. You can only open it if you decipher its secret opening sequence. It is the perfect place to keep your dearest memories.

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About the Designer

Polar Jewelry is rooted in a love for art, design and experimentation.
The two ladies behind the brand, Anne Sofie Fenneberg & Louise Kaiser both have a creative background which is evident in the brand aestetich and the clear brand direction.
The brand ethos is to instill a little bit of unconventionality, elegance and wonder into every collection they make. Each collection of Polar Jewelry has it's own unique story; " Each piece is a chapter designed to take you on a journey."