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Unspoiled Jewels

Gold Australia

Australia 14K solid gold.




18k solid gold, 14 gram, 24 mm diameter, 18 k solid gold chain.

  • Price Group
  • Delivery Time Up to 4 weeks
  • Size 42cm (16.5 inches), 60cm (23.5 inches), 80cm (31.5 inches)
  • Material
  • Collection
  • Designer
  • Gold
  • Sold As Single Piece
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About the Designer


Unspoiled Jewels was founded by three childhood friends with a mission to make memories that last. In an ever-changing world where nothing stands still, your precious memories are the only thing that nothing can change.
Unspoiled Jewels goal is to fossilize your special feelings from the heart and soul into personalized jewels, giving you the opportunity to carry those unforgettable feelings with you forever.