Polar Jewelry Chrysanthemum

1,150 kr.

High polished rhodium plated sterling silver earrings. These earrings are inspired by the flower whose striking beauty is discoverable throughout the Japanese landscape.

About Polar Jewelry

Polar Jewelry is a fairly new brand on the jewellery scene but with a lot on their mind. The brand is rooted in a love for art, design and experimentation.

The collections from Polar Jewely arises out of curiosity for a culture, a particular subject or  even the wonder of the spiritual.

The two ladies behind the brand, Anne Sofie Fenneberg & Louise Kaiser both have a creative background, which is evident in the brand aestetich and the clear brand direction.

The brand ethos is to instill a little bit of unconventionality, elegance and wonder into every collection they make. Each collection of Polar Jewelry has it’s own unique story; ” Each piece is a chapter designed to take you on a journey.”

Nothing is accidental and every detail is very well investigated before it’s incorporated in a design.