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Silver Jewellery

There’s something enchanting about silver jewellery. It’s cool and fashionable as it has a clean fresh look to it.
The bright precious material reflects the light as if it’s almost magical.
Browse our silver jewellery from the best designers right here.

Why buy Silver jewellery

Silver is beautiful in many ways. It’s a material that’s pure, comfortable to wear and it lasts for more than a decade.  It has a magical cold fresh look to it and when it comes to silver jewellery its beauty has no limits.  Silver is a long lasting beautiful material, which you won’t regret investing in. Silver Jewellery is not only trendy it’s timeless and wearable for every occasion.

Choosing Silver jewellery has several advantages.

You will love your silver jewellery for a long time, but if it gets scratched ( since it is a soft metal) you can get it polished and it will look almost like new. If you have somehow become tired of the design you can have it remade into a different type of jewellery since it can be melted and reused over and over again. You can pass it on for generations and you can even engrave with hidden and secret messages.

Silver is known for its many looks and surfaces. It can be shiny, dark, matte or made with a pattern that makes it unique. If it’s shiny it reflects the light like nothing else, if it’s matte it has a cool understated look to it. Silver looks beautiful on it’s own, however it’s also a fashiable move to mix it with other metals such as rose gold or yellow gold for a more warm look.

Our silver assortment varies from elegant and classic, towards feminine and pretty to bold and extravagant.

Whether you’re looking for silver earrings, necklaces, rings , bracelets or even anklets we have  gathered the best Silver jewellery form the most talented designers here in our online shop.

Sterling silver is the type of silver used in all silver jewellery at The Jewellery Room. the number used to describe Sterling silver is 925, which is a good number to always remember when hunting for silver jewellery.


We’ve gathered an amazing assortment of silver jewellery from some of the biggest talents on the jewellery scene just now.


One of the bigger coveted brands known for their timeless and high quality silver jewellery is Danish Georg Jensen. This heritage brand masters the skill of designing classic yet modern silver jewellery like no one else. The brand bursts itselv of having educated some of the best silversmiths in the world.


Silver Jewellery Trends

Silver jewellery can be so many things, so let us take a little tour to the different things and trends to look for when searching for the right silver jewellery.


Surface is an important matter when you choose you silver jewellery, as the surface whether it’s bright and shiny or silky with a matte finish, this will define the look of the item.

A bright shiny surface will have a warmth to it, which is classic and elegant. The surface will somehow function as a mirror and will mirror the light as well as other items, such as clothes or your skin.

This will to some be an advantage as they will experience the same jewellery  in many different variations, since it in some way changes it’s look depending on what the jewellery reflects. This is especially in pieces with larger silver surfaces, where as tiny sleek designs will not mirror in the same ways.

If you like your jewellery to look the same every time, and you’re not into the reflections you should go for silver with a matte surface or a pattern. A pattern or hammered surface in jewellery can be very pretty as this can be a way to accentuate a specific shape such as a leave or a shell.


Style are many things and style is individual. We’re convinced that you will find the type and style of silver jewellery that speaks to you in our selection of designer jewellery.

Whether you are into rustic shapes with hammered surfaces and no straight lines we have a selection in which pearls and zirconia stones are integrated in the design.

Are you looking for more rigid and geometric shapes this is also something we cover.
These designs are very suitable to stack and layer as their shape fit into each other and create a chic fashionable look.

Classic silver jewellery with organic shapes are beautiful and everlasting. Clean lines and curves will fit your everyday wear and make you stand out at night.

Into silver or a gold

When deciding whether to go for gold or become a silver wearer this is not necessarily a definite decision.

Gold jewellery as well as silver jewellery are extremely beautiful on their own, on the other hand, mixing the two metals might be a whole new chapter. A nice designed gorgeous gold ring styled together with a shiny silver bracelet can take you from dull to stylish in seconds.

Mixing metals has become one of the biggest jewellery trends on the fashion scene as it creates a personal outstanding look.

So when choosing silver or gold this doesn’t have to be a one way street. Your preference for either silver or gold jewellery shouldn’t necessarily have to dictate your future decisions when buying jewellery. Different pieces might even look more attractive in one or the other material.

Silver jewellery from the best designers 

If you are looking for excellent designers with high craftman skills our talented designers won’t disappoint you.

We have gathered the best selection of excellent designers in one place making their collections easy and accessible when buying jewellery online.

Our list of designers are regularly updated and new designers are added when we spot a new talent who deserves the spot as the next talent in our list of designers.

Whether it’s silver rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets or silver bangles we’ve got you covered. Hundreds of beautiful and gorgeous jewellery designs are waiting for you.



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