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Letter Jewellery

Letter jewellery

We have made an effort to assemble a selection of jewellery with letters in different price levels and several different styles.

At we have letter jewellery for every style, occasion and age. Letter jewelry is available in a classic and stylish design or with a more romantic and feminine expression.

If you are into beautiful details and patterns, you can also find letters that meet just that need. Last but not least, letters are also available as crooked chubby letters that hang a little at an angle, giving a wonderfully unpretentious twist. Common to all the letter necklaces is that they are perfect to wear alone or great to mix with other necklaces in different lengths.

A piece of jewellery with a personal value has a special meaning for the wearer. That is why jewellery with a personal history is some of the most popular jewellery. For a piece of jewellery to become personal, you can add an engraving or a gemstone of special significance. Or you can choose jewellery with a symbol, a pattern, a zodiac sign or a specific letter that makes the jewellery symbolize a story that’s significant to the one who carries it.

Hang a letter around your neck, arm or ear.

A letter is something everyone can recognize and understand no matter the culture, age or gender one has. A letter is personal and it means something unique to anyone who wears with it.

For most, one or more specific letters will be associated with a particular event, a particular person, or something else. It can e.g. be your child’s or children’s initials, your own letter, a boyfriend, husband or another person in ones life who is cherished.

When the letter hangs in a piece of jewellery, it becomes significant and filled with magic because of the signal value and the fact that the person wearing it has a strong bond attached to that letter.

Letter jewellery – the perfect gift

Letter jewellery are amongst the best choice for a jewellery gift one can give.It shows that you have made an effort and have found a special gift for the receiver.
it proves that you have gone beyond the most obvious off-the-shelf items and that you have taken the time to find a gift that has a personal meaning.

We speak from experience when we say that a piece of jewellery with a letter is almost never returned or exchanged because a letter as jewellery is elegant and imperishable and almost always falls in the taste of the recipient.

So if you are on a gift hunt you should have a look at the different type of letter pendants you think will appeal to the recipient.

Letter Pendants

Letter pendants for necklaces are some of the most popular letter jewellery available and therefore also the ideal gift. Letter pendants are available in many different designs and sizes and we are convinced that there is one that will suit you or someone you care about.

Letter pendants are available in 18 carat gold, in 18 carat white gold or silver and gold-plated silver and they are of course also available with real diamonds.

No matter which precious metal you are into, the letters are beautiful and personal and always a good gift for someone you care about.

The good thing about letter pendants is that they can alter the way they are worn. They can be styled in multiple ways as you can shift them to another chain than the one you originally buy for the pendant . Several letters can also be stacked together in the same chain and possibly form a whole new word or a new meaning.

If necklace pendants are not precisely what you are looking for, we can assure you that letters are also available as small mini earrings or as pendants for earrings.

The selection is a bit narrower, but that does not change the fact that letter jewellery is popular and beautiful to mix with one’s other jewelry.

If you want a piece of jewellery that you can wear for the rest of your life, which is not just a fashion piece of jewellery, a safe choice is letter jewellery, that’s attached to something you love or a person or something you want to remember.


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