Gold jewellery

Why Buy Gold Jewellery?

Even though silver jewellery comes with its own fashion and charm allowing you to show your chic side without burning holes in your pocket, it is gold jewellery that you should really invest in. The reason behind this is the cycle of popularity and everlasting value the gold pieces have.

Gold jewellery goes like waves, it comes and floats away only to return back again more fresher, stronger and more famous than before. However, when gold fashion trend returns which is the case just now it hits back with fresh new ideas and changes making it more breathtaking than before.

Gold Jewellery Trends

Once gold jewellery comes back, it brings a lot of trends with it. Nowadays you can find a lot of classics coming back in the market. Such as classic chains, hoop earrings, and classic bold rings. If you find these pieces gorgeous but think they can be too bold for your personality you can always opt for different versions; for example, insert a piece of pearl or gemstone to make it suit you.

These classic pieces are easy to play with such as an extra-long necklace can be doubled up and worn around your neck helping you make a classy statement.

Another trend returning in gold jewellery is earrings. Earrings have become a very least sold item over the past few years. From solo earrings to asymmetric earrings along with earrings cuffs that cover your ear or simply a set of normal everlasting earrings.

A great and classy pair of gold earrings goes a long way; it helps in enhancing your entire look. You can match your earrings to your necklace or any other accessory and make a chic statement at parties.

Another trend that is getting hot for a while now is the trend of small rings, jewellery, layering, and bracelets. This kind of small gold jewellrey look fresh and youthful and help in creating authentic and real looks. You can personalize this jewellery according to your personality and style and wear them on elegant occasions or to create that Scandi Cool jewellery look

Fine Gold Jewellery

Fine Gold Jewellery, as soon as gemstones, diamonds and other material is added, the whole look of the jewellery piece changes; gemstones sometimes play a more important and prominent role when it comes to gold.

In such pieces, gold has a role but not as great as the role of gemstones. Branded gold jewellery, on the other hand, is a whole new chapter. A nice designed gorgeous gold ring by an unknown creator present in the market can have a good price on it, but a branded gold ring by a famous jeweller has a higher added value in the market.

Designer Gold Jewellery At TheJewelleryRoom

If you are looking for prominent designers and ground-breaking jewellery craftsmen and women, then you have come to the right place. We focus on satisfying our customers and bring to you the trends latest in the market as well as vintage trends.

With our jewellery pieces, you will look classy and exquisite every time you wear it and will no doubt turn heads when you walk into the room. Our lists of designers include Bergsoe Jewellery, Engelbert, Georg Jensen, Carré Jewellery, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, Dulong Fine Jewelry, Line&Jo  and more.

Our exquisite pieces are what you need to help take your dresses to the next level. You can grab your favorite letter wrapped in an 18 Carat gold chain filled with diamonds or your star sign fitted on your writs in a gorgeously designed bracelet; whatever you need to upgrade your look we have it.

Gold Jewellery will make you feel Elegant, Chic And Classy

Our gold pieces tend to focus on making you feel and be elegant. We help you feel royal and important, and our aim is to leave you satisfied. Our gold jewellery is the perfect gift for your loved ones and can make their day.

You can be chic and wanted with our 10 Carat, 14 Carat or 18 Carat gold bracelets or take it up a notch with 18 Carat gold earrings. We present to you affordable prices starting from €330 to €3,300. With this wide range, you can find whatever the kind of piece you need. We stand behind our coveted jewellery brands and their stunning designs and aim to win your heart.