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Pearl bracelets are beautiful and feminine. A pearl bracelet is different from other bracelets as it exudes elegance and femininity no matter how you wear it or style it.

Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets are everlasting beauties. Shop elegant pearl bracelets from amazing designers. Freshwater Pearls, South Sea pearls and more

Pearl bracelets can be styled as you please

Whether you are looking for a stylish look with a single bracelet or a trendy mix of several bracelets, your pearl bracelet will stand out. If you are looking for a simple pearl bracelet, you might be in for an elegant simple look. If this is the case you should choose a bracelet where the pearls are elegant are perfectly designed to match the silver or gold in which the pearl bracelet is designed. An elegant pearl bracelet is a bracelet you want for life and most likely one you can pass on for generations. This is the pearl bracelet that will carry your story and from the first time you wear it will be an essential part of you.

Pearl bracelets of high-quality

If you are looking for the highest quality pearls, go for genuine pearls, which is what you will find at Besides being genuine, these are also the most beautiful pearls because of their glow and abundance, which a fake pearl doesn’t have.
We carry different pearl bracelets, from different designers and some of the most beautiful pearl bracelets have either Freshwater pearls, Keshi pearls, South Sea pearls or Tahiti pearls. The designers here at all have sound suppliers of pearls as it is important to them, as it is to us, that the pearls are ethically grown and treated.

Baroque pearls vs. Round Pearls

The importance of a pearls colour has been discussed for ages, but just as important is the shape of the pearls. A pearls shape and size matter, no matter the type of jewellery you are investing in.

Pearl bracelet with baroque pearls

From being the most reviled and hated pearl, the baroque pearl has become the most popular in recent years. The baroque pearls have simply taken the lead when it comes to popularity and has in recent times become the kind of pearl jewellery that women want.

The baroque pearls are seen in beautiful pearl bracelets, with a sculptural and completely unique look..

A baroque pearl is best described as an obsolete, sculptural and asymmetrical pearl. A pearl that in all its beauty has grown its curves and unpredictable shapes from nature. Today’s designers are exceptional in utilizing the shapes of the baroque pearls as they are being transformed into everything from pearls with headphones on to ice waffles where the pearl’s shape shows off a melted ice cream scoop.  The designers at have created the most beautiful bracelets where the pearl’s unique shape is the focal point for the pearl bracelet’s expression. If you are hooked on the beautiful baroque pearl bracelets, you can be sure to find one that is right for you here

Pearl bracelet with symmetrical round pearls

The round and elegant pearls still deserve the recognition they have achieved over the centuries. They are probably the most feminine a woman can wear.

Coco Chanel was the woman who brought pearls to everyone’s lips and still the style icon everyone refers to when highlighting the beauty of pearls. Despite the fact that the popularity of pearls in the fashion scene decreased for a few decades, the pearl has once again found its place on the popularity list in recent years.

The round shaped pearls are almost magical. They are a symbol of the feminine and strong woman and the charisma of the round pearl is almost majestic. Bracelets with round pearls have a uniformity that appeals to many and these pearl bracelets are a sure winner among many women.

Pearl bracelet as a gift

If you are in doubt about the gift, you will never go wrong with a pearl bracelet. First of all you don’t need to worry about size challenges, since most pearl bracelets fit all in comparison to a pearl ring. Secondly, a pearl bracelet is suitable and beautiful on virtually all wrists. A pearl bracelet will be the finishing touch to everything from elegant dresses to warm sweaters and last but not least, a pearl bracelet is a piece of jewellery that lasts for almost all eternity.


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