We’re huge fan of bangles! They’re elegant and classy and easy to wear. A bangle is a type of ring-shaped bracelet that sits on your wrist. It’s an inflexible but loose-fitting bracelet, worn alone or with many other on your wrist

The perfect bangle is in gold, silver or white gold and fits smoothly around your wrist. It’s not too big or too small but a perfect extension of your personality and you’ll never need to take it off.

Why wear bangles?

Bangles have multiple expressions they look cool with a sweater, trendy with a t-shirt and feminine with your bikini. You can wear it day and night during all seasons and you wont need to think about taking it on or of.

Our secret jewellery styling tip on how to wear bangles.

Dare to style your bangles to create a personal look with mixing different metals such as silver, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold together for an untraditional and trendy jewellery look.

For a sleek and simple look you should choose one single bangle to create that stylish Scandinavian jewellery look.

If you’re into a statement look you can always add several bangles and bracelets, which will take you seamlessly from casual day to trendy night wear.

Our secret jewellery styling tip is to mix vintage pieces with new trendy pieces and to opt for three or more bangles simultaniously.

You sholud always try to stack bangles in different materials and colours as the give contrast to your jewellery styling. Remembering the few tpis; Vintage, different materials and the more the better you’ll definitely get that bangle stack look that will make people turn heads.

Explore the selection of minimalistic and elegant bangles with or without diamonds you’ll find the wide range of sophisticated and bohemian inspired pieces with gemstones, patterns or personal details.


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