Vieri Fine Jewellery

VIERI fine jewellery is working exclusively with ethical and recycled gold.

Vieri Fine jewellery originated more than 8o years ago and was taken over by the founders grand daughter in 2013,  who relaunched the brand creating a brand that stands for sustainable and responsible behaviour in the jewellery industry and beyond its borders. Since the relaunch in 2013, VIERI Fine Jewellery produces all collections and pieces of jewellery from recycled or ethically sourced gold and has implemented targeted measures to give back to the gold mining communities. VIERI Fine Jewellery strongly believes that responsible business practice and high-class Jewellery cannot exist without each other.

“It is my vision to build a company, that does not only act and produce responsibly but also makes the world a more beautiful and better place through its products”, Explains Guya Merkle