Sigrun - Conscious Jewellery

To Sigrun, sustainability is all-pervasive and essential in her jewellery brand. From day one, she has considered each development in everything from design, production, recycling and the future of the brand, as well as the future of the brand.

Sigrun lives and works in the forest, which is why nature's inspiration daily gives her energy and her ultimate source of inspiration. She brings elements and structures from nature into her jewellery at multiple levels and always with a cool and trendy look.

Sigrun is not limited by her sustainable thinking, on the contrary she finds it inspiring to challenge herself and the traditional way of thinking in this industry. She feels energized when experimenting with new ways to create and shape jewellery with a sustainable mindset. All her designs are made in recycled gold and silver and the gemstones she uses are exclusively from sustainable mining. Some of the most recognizable designs in Sigrun conscious jewellery are the Lion collection Series and the more recent designs where nature has literally put its gold print.