Shamballa Jewels

Shamballa Jewels is known for their iconic jewellery uniting the Far East and the North in extravagant creations of diamonds, precious stones and 18K gold. The brand is about reminding yourself to live a purposeful life as the spiritual belief is deeply rooted in the brand.the most iconic piece is the Shamballa Bracelet, worn by coinnessaurs all over the world.

About Shamballa Jewels

The Danish-born brothers Mads & Mikkel Kornerup are the soulfull founders of the coveted   fine jewellery brand Shamballa Jewels.  You may call it a unisex brand since the luxourious bracelets are favoured by iconic men and women around the world with impeccable taste. A perfect example of a true fan was Karl Lagerfelt who wore his black diamond onyx necklace and bracelet for every important appearance for 10-15 years until he passed away.

The brand is based in Copenhagen and has its own beautiful flagship store in the heart of Copenhagen and the brand is only available in the most coveted retailers in Europe, the US and The Jewellery Room is proud to be an authorised dealer of Shamballa Jewels.

HRH Crown Princess Mary, Karl Lagerfelt Jay-Z and the others…

It’s not by coincidence that celebrities and connaisseurs around the world love to adorn themselves with a Shamballa piece. It takes one to know one, which is why the best of the best from royalty to record-breaking musicians and athletes, such as Jay-z, The Olsen Twins, Leonardo DiCaprio, HRH Crown Princess Mary, Karl Lagerfelt and many other A-list people wear their Shamballa Jewellery – and once it’s on it never comes off.

Shamballa Jewels calls wearing one of their pieces to be “Shambalized”. Being Shambalized is not just wearing a piece of beautiful jewellery but is synonymous with being blessed with the energy and the spirit that’s rooted deeply in the brand.

Shamballa Jewels – The Spirit Behind

With impeccable high quality Shamballa Jewels masters the fine line between fine jewellery and everyday wear by designing classic evergreens that’s not dictated by fashion but are rooted much deeper. It’s about the stones, the materials, the spirit and how contrasts meet.

The “Star of Shamballa logo” adorns every design. This recurring motif is supposed to remind the wearer to live a purposeful life as the four directions of the star represent – love, joy, compassion and wisdom.

The philosophy behind Shamballa Jewels being the exploration of the energy of creation and to remind you always to shine like a star; ”We shine the brightest when we share compassion and smiles”, the two brothers say.

The energy and the DNA of Shamballa Jewels was initially a mix of Scandinavian aesthetics combined with the inspiration of yoga, Buddhist traditions of meditation and ancient Eastern jewellery making. Today, this fusion of Eastern philosophy with Nordic design traditions continues to be the foundation of Shamballa Jewels

Shamballa Jewels – Why we love it

For Shamballa Jewels it all started with a bracelet. A bracelet for men made of luxury stones and beads and turned into a unisex brand because so many women wanted the understated luxurious look.
We love the understated look of high-end luxury with out flashing it. The wearer just knows that a Shamballa item is exclusive and dares to wear jewellery the cool non traditional way. We’re attracted to the hidden secret in every Shamballa Jewels piece, which is the ”Star of Shamballa”. The Shamballa Star is present in all Shamballa Jewels designs and will be your constant reminder of being present and taking in the positive energy that surrounds you here and now. Nonetheless we love that there’s more to the brand than the beauty.

Mads & Mikkel has succeeded in creating a very high-end jewellery brand with a cool casual style. Dare to be cool, understated and elegant by wearing a vibrant and exclusive diamond ball bracelet and match it with your Cartier Love bracelet for a luxurious casual leisure style.

That’s how we would style our Shamballa jewellery.


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