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Pernille Lauridsen

Pernille Lauridsen is best known for creating significant pearl jewellery with a mix of oversized pearls and curved shapes. It is fine pearls sculptured in boho luxury. Pernille Lauridsen is the jewellery destination for the modern, confident woman.

About Pernille Lauridsen

Pernille Lauridsen jewellery is characteristic and feminine and reflects an elegant and sophisticated universe. The jewellery has a beautiful organic feel to it and a feminine and chic style that fits perfectly in the trend of the time. Pernille Lauridsen’s jewellery exudes boho luxury and adds just that extra to any woman’s outfit. The Danish-born designer challenges traditional solutions and encourages women to express themselves through her feminine, beautiful jewellery design.

Pernille Lauridsen Signature jewellery

Pearls are an important part of Pernille Lauridsen’s design, as her use of pearls is different and refreshing. Pernille Lauridsen often combines pearls and precious stones in new variations and the combinations always have the feminine woman in mind. The brand plays with traditional gemstones and transforms them into modern jewellery by creating shapes that always has curves and formations that emphasizes the beauty of the woman.

Also, the ice cream waffle necklace in which a baroque pearl forms the illusion of a melting ice cream scoop is one of Pernille Lauridsen’s most characteristic and different pearl designs. The details and simplicity give the impression that the ice waffle almost melts over the detailed waffle pattern and makes it look almost edible.

The ice cream came to life by coincidence as Pernille found a handful of baroque pearls that had been discarded by other designers. However, instead of seeing these as uneven, Pernille Lauridsen saw he beauty in these special obsolete and baroque pearls. These pearls became the foundation for her, perhaps most popular piece of jewellery to date.

Pernille Lauridsen – About the Designer

Jewellery designer, Pernille Lauridsen is best known for creating significant pearl jewellery with a mix of oversized pearls and curved shapes. Her iconic piece the Ice Waffle necklace with a melting baroque pearl has become one of her signature pieces.

Pernille Lauridsen jewellery is stunning as the creative designer manages like no other, to create a contrast in her designs, which brings out a fashionable look and caters for the feminine and classic woman. She creates jewellery for the modern, confident woman who appreciates high quality, good craftsmanship, innovative details and personal stories.

Pernille Lauridsen is a new talent on the jewellery scene. The Jewellery Room was the first to spot Pernille Lauridsens unique talent and soon after she was spotted by fashion magazines and international prestige stores all over the world who was in search for the sophisticated and different designer jewellery.

Pernille Lauridsen – Why we love it

What makes us buy Pernille Lauridsen? When we ask our team and our wonderful customers, it seems that there are many reasons why Pernille Lauridsen is a hit. However, everyone agrees that the good quality is of great importance. While fashion in clothing comes and goes, jewellery-lovers want more and expect that the jewellery can last for many years. In addition, design is also highly valued. Pernille Lauridsen always gives jewellery in both good quality and a beautiful design, and you will not regret buying jewellery from Pernille Lauridsen.


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