Connecting memories with precious stones.

Mary Lou – fine touching Jewellery.


Following the moving forms of the precious gold, following the sweet hints and warm details, MaryLou awakens something in us.
Is it excitement, we ask us? Call it a delicate surprise. Surprisingly watching the golden spheres freely hugging Southern Pearls.

MaryLou – About the Designer

Marie Louise is the creative mind behind MaryLou, with a passion to mix and match distinctive pieces. Not publishing in collections, each design is related with her distinct signature. Care for the environment is deeply written into the foundation of all her designs. The fine gold is reused and the pearls come from ethical farming. Colored Sapphires are found in many of her pieces, and every single time a sapphire is used or sold in an item a tree is planted. A woman enjoying the idea of giving back to nature, the place, providing us with all delicate treasures found.


MaryLou woman are dreamers – Dreamers in the now. Next to bold styles, her extraordinary Scandinavian simplicity creates a second of peace in this hectic world. An open blouse, in white or beige, a summary moving skirt, and this tiny bit of Zen.