Let your personality shine with raw and elegant jewellery


Experiment with an asymmetrical look and let your personality shine with raw and elegant jewelry from Line&Jo. With its sophisticated yet timeless designs Line&Jo moves Jewellery into the 21st century. Line&Jo’s designs evoke and emphasize the strength and elegance of cool, modern and feminine women.

About Line&Jo

Line & Jo is one of the leading jewellery brands in Denmark. The renowned brand presents a beautiful selection of modern, trendy and innovative jewellery. The exclusive collections offer timeless Danish design classics as well as innovative reinterpretations of precious pearls, diamonds and sapphires. Line&Jo’s designs evoke and emphasize the strength and elegance of cool, modern and feminine women.

LINE & JO was one of the first brands to present a wide range of styles in rhodium plated silver with a matte finish, which has a rawer look than the polished gold and silver jewellery that the goldsmith industry was otherwise dominated by. A special trait of Line&Jo’s designs is their both feminine and raw aesthetic. The luxurious jewellery has a sharp silhouette but also an elegant aura that can both be used to dress up an everyday suit at work and make the look a little more playful, while at the same time being able to make a feminine summer dress more edgy and cool.

Line&Jo – The Jewellery style

Line & Jo combines Scandinavian style with elements from the international fashion scene. A unique characteristic of LINE & JO is the brand’s ambition in the moulding and designing of the precious metals. Here the classic goldsmithing techniques are used and the metals are processed into graphic strong silhouettes with razor-sharp details, after which each design is completed with a silk mat or polished surface.

The jewellery from LINE & JO is loved by women from all over the world. In the collections you will find everything from hand-knotted bracelets in beautiful colours that are great to combine with the bangles or just to wear individually for a more elegant look, to diamond-studded earrings, large rings or completely unique collectibles such as the unique earrings from the “The Sea” collection. Here, each earring is carefully composed with a combination of 18 carat gold, sparkling diamonds, soft opals, deep blue lapis lazuli and warm red corals. The earrings are also adorned with exclusive Keshipearls.

These designs are almost like small unique artworks. The collection “Fragments” is also an exciting delicate collection of earrings specially designed for helix piercings, but just as suitable for the ordinary holes in the earlobe. Here you will find round twist earrings in many sizes and a fine series of pendants with recognizable symbols inspired by Copenhagen and each with its own history. The designs can be combined with LINE & JO’s other elegant signature earrings, which sophisticated silhouettes refine your personal expression.

Line&Jo – About the Designers

LINE & JO was founded in 2007 by Line Halberg and Jo Riis-Hansen. The two goldsmiths revolutionized the jewellery industry by “commercializing” the old goldsmith profession and using exquisite materials such as solid gold, silver, diamonds and fine stones, and turning them into exquisite designs with a modern and fashionable look. Line&Jo’s innovative approach to the classic jewellery craft earned the brand a nomination as “Jewellery brand of the year” for the Elle Style Awards in 2013, where brand gained recognition for building a bridge between the traditional goldsmith profession and the fashion industry.

The vision behind Line&Jo is to combine the Nordic design tradition and its minimalist aesthetics with the ever-changing silhouettes and contours from fashion, art and architecture. It is from this inspiration that Line&Jo’s universe of timeless and edgy jewellery art emerges.

Today, the two women have gone their separate ways and Line&Jo is now run only by Line Halberg, who continues the brand’s spirit and tribute to the traditional jewellery craft with a modern touch.

Line&Jo – Why we love it

At The Jewellery Room, one of our greatest driving forces, goals and passions has always been to help build a bridge between the fashion industry and the jewellery profession – to give jewellery a more prominent spot on the international fashion stage. Line&Jo has revolutionized the classic way of thinking about jewellery and the company was frontrunner in terms of creating a new perception of jewellery for the modern woman.

It successfully broke free from the limitations of traditional goldsmithing. The brand has created a new understanding and perception of fine jewellery challenging the belief that fine jewellery primarily consists of large pearl necklaces, symmetrical earrings or classic diamond rings and paved the way for an acceptance of an asymmetrical look, where for example several earrings may dominate in one ear. Line&Jo gives every woman the power to create her very own look, in the same way as the fashion industry lets women’s personality speak for itself through the choice of their clothing.We are proud to present Line&Jo’s authentic and timeless luxury design here.


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