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Libelula Jewellery

Libelula Jewellery – one of a kind Norwegian luxury.

Crafted by hand, all pieces are shaped out of pure 18 karat gold with details set in delicate diamonds and gemstones.

For engagements and weddings due to its classic, everlasting design or for that little extra something, which spark moves us through the days.

“My hope for the jewellery I design is that it will be everlasting, and given to generations to come.”

Everlasting Libelula




The Spanish name for the finely swinged insect not only finds root in the name but moreover describes the classic delicacy of everlasting design.

Norways simplicity in symbiosis with Spains heat can be rediscovered in every crafted piece.

The designers northern childhood and southern summer destination create the classic forms with its detailed delicacy.

A Libelula piece goes beyond the fast-moving Jewellery of this century and witnesses to be past on from one generation to another.


Libelula Jewellery – About the Designer



Camilla Samulesens upbringing in Norway, with its cold charme and summer holidays in her 2nd home in Andalusia, Spain, are mirrored in the classic elegance with a vibrant touch.

Both places, plus several other destinations around the world, find their way into her clean, everlasting design approach.

Paper touched by fine drawings mark the beginning. Finalised by hand-crafting in the finest 18k gold, topped by delicate GIA scale diamonds, every piece is crafted for a tiny forever.


Fine shapes rich in their diamond details, like the Sea Horse Pendant,  form a delicate look by both combining it with natural colours, simplistic forms or by going bold, with Stine Goya-Ganni-Scandi-patterns.

Either way you go, you carry this precious piece close to your Scandi heart.