Great design starts with a thought-through vision and high quality


If you are into sustainability Hasla is a great choice for you. The label operates with a sustainable mindset which makes it one of the most innovative jewellery brands of the time in our fashion category. Timeless yet fashionable Jewellery with that sought after sustainable DNA.

About Hasla

Hasla is a Norwegian jewellery brand with a distinct Scandinavian expression, a strong connection to craftmanship and the Norweigian inland from where the jewellery comes to life. Hasla offers you casual luxury pieces. The brand’s designs are timeless but also high-quality fashionable jewellery that represents a cool style in sync with the trend of the time.

If you are into sustainability Hasla is a great choice for you. The label operates with a sustainable mindset which makes it one of the most innovative jewellery brands of the time in our fashion category. Every piece of jewellery is made from recycled silver, and delivered to you in eco-friendly boxes.

Hasla – thought-through visions and high quality

Hasla’s collections consist of eye-catching earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. Some pieces are chunky with textured surfaces while others are smooth and shiny. Most of the designs are made with solid silver and gold plated, but you will also find pieces with shiny crystals. All the jewellery is designed with a process that is rooted in a story more than a visual preference. The traditional jewellery craft merges with modern concepts and ideas, thus creating a holistic product, even though it may initially be full of contrasts.

Hasla – About the Designers

Hasla is family business run by the two sisters Anne Hasla and Gunnhild Hasla. The company was founded in 1984 by Grete Fossen and Ørnulf Hasla. Back in the days Grete and Ørnulf made traditional jewellery for Norway’s national costumes. Since then, the company has developed into making modern jewellery too and in 2018 the two daughters Anne and Gunnhuld decided to join the company. The family business now makes traditional pieces in their workshop under the brand name Fossensylv while the modern line is still called Hasla.

Naturally the brand name Hasla originates from the family name. Anne is the designer and Gunnhild Hasla´s Brand Manager. The two sisters work closely together and the combination of their skillsets make them a powerful duo. They live in a small village called Valle in Setesdal – this is where Hasla´s main production takes place and where the brand’s workshop is located. In the jewellery studio skilled silversmiths work side by side and inspire each other to create the perfect mix of classic and trendy. The inland Norwegian nature with the lush forests and the high open mountain landscapes are the main source of inspiration, while the creative duo explores the fusion between the limitless way of art, and the compromises of good design. That the nature around Anne and Gunnhild is their main source of inspiration is evident in the organic silhouettes of Hasla’s designs.

Hasla – Why we love it

We love that it is Anne and Gunnhild’s goal to create jewellery that will be worn and loved by generations forever. They follow the latest trends, but always make jewellery with their own twist. The two sisters have great knowledge in traditional craftsmanship, and are constantly refining the brand within the contrasts of the modern and trendy on one hand, and the traditional, timeless and classic on the other. Hasla is a modern company that not only takes care of proper Norwegian craftsmanship, but also surprises and engages with innovative designs.

We are excited to show you some of the unique jewellery from Norway and have curated the selection so it is varied and inspiring. We are pretty sure you will find a piece here that you would want to keep forever.

Who has visited Norway before knows of the beauty this cold, first rough seeming place in-holds. It is a hidden beauty. A reaction in art, interior and Jewellery to create warmth in the detail. To make everyday life a bit more exciting, a bit more hygge with dynamically shaped pieces with that special Norwegian touch. Norways nature, Norways simplicity, Norways beauty all transformed into a selection of precious moments.


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