Anni Lu is a Copenhagen based must have jewellery brand with an amazing range of fashionable jewellery essentials. It’s never boring –  but always casual and chic. Every girl should have an Anni Lu piece of jewellery in her jewellery box.

About Anni Lu

The Anni Lu pieces are best described as fun, delicate and playful jewellery, that are perfect for layering and stacking. The collections contains boho-chic pieces you can mix and match, so that you can achieve the popular coveted Scandi-cool look. Anni Lu designs fashionable jewellery that suits every fashion conscious woman. The cool and colorful Anni Lu jewellery is available as bracelets, necklaces, anklets and earrings. No matter which Anni Lu jewellery you choose, it will spice up any outfit and make you go from classic and elegant, to cool and chic in seconds. Bring a playful dose of color into your wardrobe with bright beaded bracelets and necklaces from the Copenhagen-based jewellery brand, Anni Lu.

Anni Lu – About the Designer

Behind Anni Lu is Helle Vestergaard Poulsen who’s the creative soul behind the Danish jewellery brand. She has always had a special eye for fine and delicious design, which is unpretentious and trendy, just as she is successful in creating in Anni Lu’s universe. The name Anni Lu has a very personal meaning to Helle, as the name being an amalgamation of her mother’s name, Anni and her daughters name, Luella.

With the jewellery brand Anni Lu, Helle Vestergaard Poulsen has worked with international designers, such as French Isabel Marant, with whom she has created a limited edition jewellery collection. Helle’s background as Art director at various fashion magazines has been devoted to the personal design style she has created in the coveted Anni Lu jewellery brand and also the experience she uses daily when creating the latest must-have Anni Lu designs.

Anni Lu – Why we love it

Anni Lu jewellery should be worn alone or together with several of your Anni Lu favorites. They can be mixed with your classic jewellery from other jewellery brands, giving you the perfect, trendy “layering look” for which the Anni Lu brand is known. The most sought after Anni Lu jewellery look, is a mix of classic jewellery, composed with the more playfully and bold Anni Lu jewellery, and often seen on fashionistas and influencers around the world.

The idea of ​​Anni Lu is to create a look and a personal style where the jewellery can be mixed together and give a boho-chic look. Or it can be used individually, so that your Anni Lu jewellery appears simple and sophisticated. We recommend you to style your Anni Lu jewellery as you prefer, to gain the personalized jewellery look that stands out. We love that Anni Lu is like a “candy shop” of options.


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