Diamond Eternity Ring 0.12Diamond Eternity Ring 0.12


Diamond Eternity Ring 0.12
3.405,00 DKK
Diamond Line Ring 0.04Diamond Line Ring 0.04


Diamond Line Ring 0.04
2.075,00 DKK
Ear Cuff in 14K GoldEar Cuff in 14K Gold


Ear Cuff in 14K Gold
670,00 DKK
Diamond Emerald Ring 0.08Diamond Emerald Ring 0.08


Diamond Emerald Ring 0.08
3.095,00 DKK
Diamond Line Ring 0.015Diamond Line Ring 0.015


Diamond Line Ring 0.015
1.765,00 DKK
Trio Diamond Stud 0.09 - SingleTrio Diamond Stud 0.09 - Single


Trio Diamond Stud 0.09 - Single
2.000,00 DKK
Emerald Stud 0.04 - SingleEmerald Stud 0.04 - Single


Emerald Stud 0.04 - Single
1.295,00 DKK
Trio Diamond Ring 0.09Trio Diamond Ring 0.09


Trio Diamond Ring 0.09
2.545,00 DKK
Medium Stacking RingMedium Stacking Ring


Medium Stacking Ring
2.310,00 DKK
Diamond Line Ring 0.025 in 14K GoldDiamond Line Ring 0.025 in 14K Gold
Tiny Diamond Ring 0.02 in 14K GoldTiny Diamond Ring 0.02 in 14K Gold


Tiny Diamond Ring 0.02 in 14K Gold
1.450,00 DKK
Diamond Ring 0.08 in 14K GoldDiamond Ring 0.08 in 14K Gold


Diamond Ring 0.08 in 14K Gold
4.660,00 DKK

Visual, wearable luxury


If jewellery could sing, then OVERTURE'S collections of fine jewellery would be sheet music. Each piece is wearable poetry visualised in precious metal and harmonic gemstones. Contemporary yet timeless in essence, OVERTURE jewellery is subtle yet magically breathtaking. If you are looking for fine jewellery that is attainable while obviously luxurious in appeal and elegance, look no further than the Berlin-based jewellery brand OVERTURE.

Kris Ter-Ghazaryan

The Designer

Meet Kris Ter-Ghazaryan, the woman behind OVERTURE Fine Jewelry. A handcrafted jewellery wonderland born out of a powerful combination of her interest in fashion, Armenian creative heritage and professional background in investment management and consulting. Kris writes symphonies with the jewellery line she founded and operates from Berlin. All her designs are handcrafted in a small traditional atelier in Armenia by expert jewellery artisans with over 30 years’ experience in jewellery making. 

For Kris the idea to start her own jewellery brand came when she realised that she could not find a simple dainty diamond line ring that is also attainable. Coupled with her passion for  fashion and design, her fascination with the direct-to-consumer business model that originated from her investment management stint in the US, and strong desire to build a company that she herself would actually want to work for in Berlin are the factors that got her going.

OUVERTURE’s inner symphony

Design DNA

OVERTURE designs captivate without overpowering, bringing a hint of luxury in fine delicate lines and occasional high notes in the form of gemstones. The collections can effortlessly merge with one another, blending to create an aura of luxurious appeal.

Focusing on the core values of ‘integrity, class and quality', Kris’s creations are often described as ‘a melody that evokes warm feelings’. Each piece from the OVERTURE collections compliment each other in shiny lines, soft glimmers and subtle sparkles of 14k gold and gemstones.

“OUVERTURE’s designs are based on the notion of unity, connectedness, continuity.”

Commitment to


Future Upcycled

OUVERTURE is committed to using only 100% recycled gold by 2023. This German brand has future upcycling in mind to slow the cycle of new production. 

Circular Design 

The circular design process ensures that the brand operates under a zero waste principle. The designs are based on the notion of unity, connectedness, continuity, paving the way for an easy redesign process.

Zero Waste

OUVERTURE jewellery is handcrafted in small batches. Many of the designs are exclusively available for pre-order. At the end of each year, any overstock that may be left is either upcycled or recycled.


Why we love it

So minimal, elegant and special. We are impressed by Kris Ter-Ghazaryan’s OUVERTURE, a brand that takes pride in its ethically handcrafted jewellery, designed for the modern woman who is young at heart and wants to compliment her personal style. To own fine jewellery by OUVERTURE is to own a piece that is youthful, timeless, and elegant. 

We also stand by this brand’s commitment to sustainability and transparency, combining wholesome jewellery making practices, traditional heritage and beauty with a successful D to C business model. We’re proud to have been chosen as the only retailer of the unique OUVERTURE designs. 


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