Dulong Fine Jewelry

Delphis Ring

Delphis ring i sølv med 1 brillant. I alt 0,02 ct. F/G, vs, Ex. cut. Delphis ringens udtryk er let og elegant, hvilket gør ringen feminin og klassisk.

DKK 2,700

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Levering: Levering: 2-5 dage
Bemærk: Der er særlig stor efterspørgsel på vores smykker i juletiden. Dette kan forårsage længere leveringstid.
Om designeren

Dulong Fine Jewelry is classic, timeless and glamorous jewellery made in Denmark.
It’s fine jewellery with a strong heritage in the danish craftmanship crafted with sophistication and precision.
Since 2005, the Danish jewellery company Dulong Fine Jewelry, has created collections of jewelry using the finest materials such as 18 K gold, pearls and diamonds. Behind the brand are Goldsmith Marianne Dulong and Creative soul Anja Camilla Alajdi. They are known for creating iconic pieces with a recognicable luxourious look. The various collections are clearl linked allows them to be combined and still with a cool and cohesive, unique, expression. The silkmatte finish is one of Dulong Fine jewelrys strong characteristics the same is the use of natural pearls and gemstones. The brand is recognized as one of the iconic danish heritage brand and especially know for  their stunning Kharisma earrings worn by celebrities and Royals in Scandinavia . Dulong is designed for the modern, independent, fashion and quality conscious woman