Sigrun - Conscious JewelleryWave Double Ring Gold Plated

1.200 DKK


Beautifully textured in its finish, the Wave Double Ring from Sigrun is hand-sculpted in reclaimed silver and double-coated with 24 karat gold, featuring two sensuously contoured bands artistically blending into one stunning ring. Part of the Oh My Darling Collection that is a tribute to the female body, this ring makes the wearer aware of her strengths and charms.

  • 24k gold plated reclaimed silver ring
  • Ø: 2cm
  • Size: Resizable for custom fit (note your ring size with the order)
  • Colour: Gold

What's great about it

Sigrun – Conscious Jewellery is a brand that cares deeply for its muse—Nature—from which it constantly draws inspiration. Always mindful of the environment, this remarkable brand uses only reclaimed materials whenever possible, contributing to sustainability at every point in the jewellery making process. The unique allure of Sigrun’s designs is its unconventional interpretations of classic aesthetics in a fascinating array of textures and finishes to present timeless and contemporary pieces.

Why we love it

We all appreciate pristine moments spent in nature and often long to capture them forever. Loving and appreciating nature can literally translate to loving and appreciating Sigrun – Conscious Jewellery. With so much thought given to sustainability in each of Sigrun’s beautiful creations, you invest in nature when you buy Sigrun. The brand’s ethos speaks volumes for why we love, appreciate, and promote it.

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