MumbaistockholmThree Dots Spread Around Ring (0.09 CT) with Black and White Diamonds - 18K Yellow Gold / 50

8.810 DKK

Why you’ll love it: This ring is perfect for you who want a ring that can twist and turn around your finger and still look the same! Perfect in stack. Stacking: This ring is beautiful worn alone but also stacks beautifully with most others rings. Here stacked with: - Squared Plain Gold Band 1,5 mm & Jade Petite with Black Diamonds- (on the hand) Astrid Vintage Diamond Band & Jade Petite Enough with diamonds. Details: Made from 100% recycled 18K gold. 1,5 mm ringband. Six clusters, each with three Black and White Diamonds (TWVS), spread around the ring. The rings on the picture has a total 18 gemstones (0.09 CT diamonds). Please note that total CT weight may differ between ring sizes. Size & Fit: The round, thin ringband makes this ring comfortable to wear. We suggest you take your normal ring size. Production and Delivery: Please allow 5-7 weeks for your jewelry to be handcrafted in mumbaistockholms studio.

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