Nord By ThomsenLittle star Gold

6.820 DKK


One of Nord by Thomsen’s delightful pieces of whimsy is the Little Star Gold pendant and chain in 14 karat gold.

  • 14k gold
  • Length of chain: 45cm
  • Thickness of chain: 1.7mm
  • Width of chain: 8 mm
  • Colour: gold

What's the story

Mette Nordby Thomsen's fantasy world, Nord, is the inspiration for all her enchanting pieces of jewellery. When this fairy-tale land meets reality, dazzling designs come to life to adorn hands and necks. Snow, a fairy, is the heroine of Nord and the muse behind Mette’s beautiful ornaments. Created in a magical world of the imagination, Nord By Thomsen pieces bring a gentle rush of excitement every time you wear them. The Little People is one such amazing collection from this brand. All the pieces in this collection are sure to be fascinating additions to your jewel box. The Little Star pendant has a universal design that never goes out of fashion. Created in 14 karat gold, the necklace is simple yet sweet. The chain is 45cm long and 1.7mm thick. It will never go unnoticed on your neck.

What's great about it

Since the dawn of time, the night skies have fascinated humankind. Sparkling in the distance, the stars have always reminded us of other possible worlds. Likewise, the Little Star is a captivating piece in 14 karat yellow gold with its little star pendant dangling from a 45cm chain. Little Star is a delicate piece of jewellery which radiates positivity. This is because the star symbol represents a divine energy. So, this piece is for all those women who want to shine beautiful and high.

How to wear it

The charming Little Star pendant on a chain is a piece to flaunt anytime, anywhere. The star is a universally loved symbol; its design is simple and enchanting. This makes the Little Star ease to sport on any outfit and occasion. Don it with formal wear for a business meeting and face all situations with your head held high. Or, pair it with chic and trendy casual wear for a carefree look that catches everyone’s attention.

Why we love it

At The Jewellery Room, what we love about Nord By Thomsen is the courage to experiment with materials and humorous expressions. Mette Nordby Thomsen, the creator of the brand, takes jewellery design to the next level with her creative imagination to achieve a magical effect. Once you possess a Nord by Thomsen piece, you are sure to be charmed into coming back for others to add to your own collection.

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