JOSINABoo Necklace Rosegold, White Diamonds

5.850 DKK


Josina Bergsøe’s Boo Necklace is a finely wrought piece of jewellery in 18 karat rose gold. Its Boo pendant is set with two sparkling diamonds.

  • 18k rose gold necklace
  • 2 diamonds in the pendant
  • Chain length: 65cm
  • Height of Boo pendant: 16mm
  • Colour: White, rose gold

What's the story

Josina is a new brand in the Danish jewellery landscape. Founder-designer Josina Bergsøe’s maxim, “Everybody has a right to shine” characterises each piece of jewellery she creates. Well-known in Denmark for her active fundraising in aid of breast cancer research, Josina’s foray into jewellery making has emerged from her own experience with cancer. Handcrafted in 18 karat gold and set with diamonds of VS quality, Josina Bergsøe’s fine jewellery is marked by clean lines and technical precision. The Boo Necklace is no exception. The chain and Boo charm pendant of the necklace are crafted in 18 karat rose gold. The two sparkling diamonds that are set in Boo’s eyes give the pendant an elegant look. The link chain has a total length of 65 cm and is complete with the ‘Josina’ signature stamp and a lobster clasp.

What's great about it

The Boo Necklace in rose gold incorporates an element of surprise. It is finished by some of the finest local craftsmen in northern Italy who employ a blend of traditional manual modelling and modern mechanical techniques to cut and shape the necklace. A fun piece with the classic rose gold and diamond combination, this necklace is bound to resonate with the inner child in each of us.

How to wear it

Pretty and playful, here is a charming necklace that is designed to make you smile. Wear it with a casual dress for a fun day out. Or, show it off with different types of formal attire, for this is truly a piece of jewellery that will lift your spirits no matter where you are or what you choose to wear.

Why we love it

Every piece of jewellery from Josina is a tribute to beauty and life. Combining the best of new and traditional techniques of jewellery-making, Josina Bergsøe is mindful that every piece of jewellery made by her brand adheres to ethical business practices and responsible procurement and manufacturing protocols. At The Jewellery Room, we are charmed by the design style, premium materials, and expert artisanship that are the hallmarks of the Josina brand. Last, but not least, we love the sense of humour that is evident in the Boo Jewellery Collection.

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