Georg JensenMoonlight Grapes half full Necklace Silver

4.500 DKK

Grapes in sterling silver rests elegantly along the neck and ends in an abstract bunch, which brings to mind the beauty of a vine. Moonlight Grapes necklace attracts attention with its sculptural form, inspired by Georg Jensen's original silver design from the 1920s. The grapes in the chain is not locked, and the pendant distributes the grapes in small sections, forming an easy and natural movement of the jewelery. With its modern design, the necklace is beautiful in itself, but you can also wear it with this collection of earrings and create a sophisticated look. Georg Jensen compared the silver lustrous properties with the bright moon in the night sky over Denmark. Moonlight Grapes collection is named after this story, and jewelery is a tribute to Georg Jensen Art Nouveau style, which was inspired by nature. Grapes moonlight the necklace are made in sterling silver. The pendant hangs in a 44 centimeter long chain in Sterling silver, and the length of the chain can be shortened by 2, 4 and 6 centimeters.

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