Georg JensenMercy open Neckring Silver

6.500 DKK


This sculptural Mercy Open Neckring is made of sterling silver.

  • Sterling Silver
  • Width: 1mm, C: 43.5cm, Necklace Opening: 7.7cm
  • Colour: Silver

What's the story

Organic and sensual, the Mercy Collection serves as an emotional reminder to always be compassionate. The American designer, Jacqueline Rabun, is behind this exquisite collection that gives a sense of passion to the wearer. The Mercy Open Neck Ring, a thin silver band with a curved thick folding at the two ends forming an opening, is a part of this jewellery collection. The sterling silver material of the Mercy Open Neck Ring signifies traditional values. However, its modern design is a definite trend-setter. So, this Mercy Open Neck Ring is a perfect combination of the old and the new. Also, the dimensions of the neck ring make it suitable for fingers of all sizes.

What's great about it

Believing that her jewellery should have emotional depth, designer Jacqueline Rabun ensures that her pieces symbolise the true power of relationships. Consequently, the Mercy Open Neck Ring is a striking piece. The design is organic and thought-provoking. Its unusual yet symmetrical structure is right for a woman with a strong sense of personal style. It will make for an unforgettable gift for those who want to make a bold statement.

How to wear it

The silver colour of the Mercy Open Neck Ring adds an artistic touch to the piece, making it suitable for any attire. Apart from formal wear, this ring will also suit casual apparel. Its classic appeal often gives way to a trendy look because of the open structure of the ring. You can match this Mercy Open Neck Ring with other pieces from the collection, like necklaces, bangles, ear hoops, and earrings to complete your look for any festive season or formal outing.

Why we love it

This unique silver Mercy Open Neck Ring is a must-have for the young women of today because of its daring design and the confidence it gives to the wearer. We are sure that a woman who wants to portray her strength will love it as we do. You can never go wrong with this piece from the Mercy Collection as its simplicity is its power. Though it is a thin band made of silver, it is an attention-grabbing piece. The smooth finish, sensual appeal, state-of-the-art design, and the silver colour are qualities of a ring worth owning. Make the Mercy Open Neck Ring a part of your jewellery collection.

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