Georg JensenDaisy Necklace with pendant 11 mm, 40 cm. Silver

995 DKK


The Daisy Necklace with Pendant in rhodium-plated sterling silver captures the freshness of the flower it is named for. It features a daisy pendant on a slim chain; each petal of the flower is hand-painted in white enamel. Elegant yet playful, this Daisy necklace is perfect for all occasions.

  • Rhodium-plated sterling silver and white enamel necklace
  • Ø: 11mm daisy
  • Chain length: 40cm
  • Colour: Silver, white

What's great about it

Georg Jensen is among the most iconic of Danish jewellery houses, with a fabulous history of over 100 years. Sensual and timeless, the Georg Jensen is regal in its interpretation of fashion sensibilities of each era. Consistently creating exquisite, fresh, and functional pieces of jewellery, the house of Georg Jensen is a treasure trove of unique artistry.

Why we love it

Pure magic is how we describe the Georg Jenson brand’s ability to capture the spirit of the times in their creations, starting from the Art Nouveau styles right down to contemporary aesthetics. The Jewellery Room adores this legendary brand for its historic excellence and ethos that translate to jewellery which is a joy to own and use.

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