Georg JensenMercy Earrings Gold, Diamonds

15.500 DKK


These charming Mercy Earrings form a part of the acclaimed Scandinavian brand Georg Jensen’s Mercy Collection. The earrings are fashioned in 18 karat yellow gold and pavé-set with white diamonds weighing a total of 0.38 carat.

  • 18k yellow gold earrings
  • 0.38ct. TW pavé-set white diamonds
  • Earring size: 14mm
  • Colour: Gold, white

What's the story

The Georg Jensen brand’s journey spans over more than a century. Some of the most renowned designers have contributed to this reputable brand and left a sparkle of their talent showcased in precious metals and gemstones in a range of stunning collections. Designer Jacqueline Rabun’s Mercy Collection is a commemoration of sensuality, compassion, and tender relationships. Her innovative interpretation of natural motifs gives the collection a delicious sensuality and stirs your inner emotions. Sculptural organic lines and curves of these Mercy Earrings gently embrace your earlobes, delicately reminding you of empathy, love, and tender emotions.

What's great about it

Classical motifs in the Mercy Collection are coupled with modern designs and organic shapes, which make this gorgeous line of jewellery timeless. Jacqueline Rabun, the talented designer behind this mesmerising collection, uses shapes and lines present in nature to nudge the inner sensuality of a woman. Gently hugging your ears, fingers, wrists, or neck, every piece from this collection will be a reminder of someone you hold special in your life. These precious Mercy Earrings speak tenderly of your hidden emotions, while the elegant curves highlighted with polished gold and sparkling diamonds reflect the rich shades of your soul. The charm and sensual energy you radiate while wearing this jewellery will captivate those around you.

How to wear it

The understated chic and sensual spirit infused in this classic shape makes it a unique yet universal piece of jewellery. These delicate Mercy Earrings will effortlessly complement your business suit, or rev up your style for casual get-togethers. Whether you decide to wear these earrings as the only accessory or complement them with other precious pieces, it will showcase your individuality and emphasise your style. The understated nature of the jewellery allows for bold combinations as well as modest chic to suit your personal style. The most spectacular alliances, however, can be created with the other pieces from Mercy Collection and jewellery from the Georg Jensen brand.

Why we love it

Designers and craftsmen at Georg Jensen have continually devoted their talent and artisanship to create exquisite and timeless jewellery. We, at The Jewellery Room, admire how artistically they interpret natural shapes and forms as gemstones and precious metals come alive under their skilled craftsmanship. The Mercy Collection was created to cherish the warmth of your precious relationships and encapsulate emotions of love and compassion.

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